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[Discussion] BUG quest "the key to piramyd"

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Posted on 2018-07-09 16:50:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

do not end a quest when entering the pyramid, what can I do?

Posted on 2018-07-09 19:03:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Please follow the Beginner Quest line Guide here in this forum..
you are missing a step that is not written in the in game log.

This happens with a few of the quests - in game info is not enough...
so keep the guide open in the background.

Here is the current List of guides you may want to check them when doing future quests:
List of Guides

and here is the guide for the quest line you are on:
New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide

 in the future if you get stuck (again) refer to the quest number so we can easily find where you are.. the beginner line 177 "quests". - yeah ug 

I will warn you now - follow the guide carefully when you get to #71 or risk breaking the quest line and having to start all over!


for now I will guess you are on #56:
56. The Key to Pyramid
Kill Tomb Raider Leaders to get the key to the Pyramid then TALK TO Muhhamed Husni (to the FAR right of the entrance - he may be offscreen) click through his screens ( you get the "reward" from him)  then enter the pyramid.
As of August 22 2012 the key to the pyramid CAN be dropped if you get too many.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 2,300,000,  4 weapons exp 200,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 35,000,000,  4 weapons exp 200,000


You need to talk to Muhammed Husni he is to the right of the Pyramid entrance (1314, 1166)

You have to click through 4 screens with him THEN the quest line will progress

It is not clear in the in game chat or log book, what you are suppose to do after you get the Pyramid key (book).
If you enter the Pyramid, nothing happens and your quest will NOT advance.

all chat says is: