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[Discussion] Cant sign up for transfers?

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Posted on 2018-05-16 09:12:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

Obviously the box is missing. I tried the fix on Xanthian31s post and it made the boxes show up. However once i selected the server they disappeared again. Tried selecting the server first but I then couldnt enter any names into the backup name boxes.

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It's not signup time yet check event details on main site again.

Posted on 2018-05-16 09:55:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

First I want to double check; you are talking about name change right? (not transfer)
Transfers do not start until next week.

****  Note you CAN NOT sign up for TRANSFER during NAME CHANGE TIME****

Name Changing Sign-UP Time: now until 11:59pm May 21st EST(GMT-5)
Name Changing time: May 22nd 2:00am EST(GMT-5)

Character Transfer Sign-UP Time: 5:00am May 22nd until 11:59pm May 28th EST(GMT-5)
Character Transfer Time: 2:00am May 29th EST(GMT-5)

It is possible you have to select "source server" first because when you select a server, the page refreshes/reloads.. and delete any changes you do. (or perhaps it because you are clicking outside the changed areas) ..not 100% sure that's what happening but probably something like that.
You can ask DSOFA  our computer guru what exactly is happening.. if it really matters.

The name change interface will not let you enter any new name unless the character/toon you select for name change has a "illegal" character in the name.
I THINK the system looks at the account your are signed into, then when you select a server it auto checks the 4 possible characters names, on that server for that account, and lets you only type any of the 4 that have illegal characters.
[IDK if the position of the character on the start screen matters but you may have to use line 1 for position 1 line 2 for position 2 etc if you have more than 1 character on that server]

IGG has never defined what the illegal character are; but if you created a name using an ascii (Alt + a letter) or keyboard !@#$%^&*()+ characters that is probably what they mean.

Illegal characters throw off the Chinese to English translations and your character can not transfer if the name has illegal characters in it.

The new character creation interface will not let you use any non English letter character EXCEPT the underscore line and the minus sign made with the regular keyboard key ; _ and -

do not use these characters (underscore line or minus) because your toon will not be able to transfer servers AND the system will not recognize it as an illegal character so you wont be able to change it.
IMHO IGG forgot to disable that particular key... all the other non letter keys including the num lock keys will not work for a new toon name.

Some players like DSOFA's alt even though they have been able to sign up for name change 3 times... his name never got changed... but, they took his credits... and he has never been able to transfer that character because of it. (he has an underscore in a toon name)

Other players (as long as they have an illegal character) have worked fine.

Personally, because I do not have an illegal character in any of my toons names... I can not fill in any "former character names" in lines 1, 2, 3 or 4 " ... which may be what you are experiencing.

Also NOTE the following rule may still apply:
3. Guild Masters of guilds Level 5 and above can no longer apply for the name change service.
from this notice

So this is why I gave the warning and write:

___Quotes follow from the announcement / guide page___

**Name Change is Broken (and not worked correctly for many years) - use it at your own risk.**
Supposedly Name Change works only for names with illegal characters in it, but, we have past reports of the system just taking your credits and not changing it... and that is after having to change the code to see the back up name text boxes (see post #2)
But I do not know which lines the people making reports changed or if they have to edit them at all, so let me know if you get it to work!

*Name change time is always first.  Because, Characters with illegal (text) characters in their names can not change servers.
How to MAYBE fix the NAME CHANGE PAGE  Former character names (info entry lines) problem

USE NAME CHANGE AT YOUR OWN RISK... WE HAVE REPORTS IT DOES NOT WORK.  ..... The system may just take your credits and not change your name.

- Ele

ps. name change has been broken for probably the last 5 years... its just gotten harder over the years to try to circumvent the problem and IGG won't fix it.
Not really sure when it broke.. name change was implemented January 2012... and I only ever needed a name change 1x about 4 yrs ago and even then it was only for illegal names so I couldn't use it.

Posted on 2018-05-16 18:35:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

Not a bug.