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[Discussion] NO CRETE ON MMP FOR 2 DAYS 3/8/2018

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yo FOK  begin honest get to work  on Crete we have 2 days siting waiting for invites that never happen in the current content, that we have no mod stone to rise our stats and the few ones you cant cause there is not crete, you need very large  amount mods is pretty much impossible to capture your goals unless you spent 10k usd spent in video games account a half year of work in your acc  come on Fok give us better rate for Red Stats for mods stone and more mods stone make the base player happy

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No crete invite in MMP server.
idk other server.

Posted on 2018-03-07 21:18:50

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he is too busy with lords online mate

Posted on 2018-03-07 22:12:32

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second crete No invite Again.

Posted on 2018-03-08 13:02:27

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This is funny part back from 2006 when game came out.
Finally, Voyage Century Operation Team appreciates all the players who supports and is concerned about the development of the Voyage Century. We will provide high-quality online game with five star service and low limit expecting to welcome all the players.

11 years later we get more support from other players than from IGG. Not worth even zero star service and they talked about five star service.

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The first fault was snail having little or no faith to only get it rented out to a company that seems to have a poor grasp on the target audiences language.

Can we be surprised they do mobile games,  I'm just surprised they never did loot boxes seeing as this game has always been proud of micro  transactions.

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We had Egg smashing way before lootboxes were a thing.
Not to mention actual loot boxes like Treasures from Heaven, Imperial Boxes, Temple treasure Boxes...


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