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[Discussion] yizhou pass

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they should add Yizhou 1+1 to the 1+1 event and bring it all 1-2weeks as additional event, but 1+1 in IM is to strong i think....

it would bring  the top players way to fast and easy to end content....after they will get bored totally again and/or dominate all other players super hard...

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2018-03-08 13:48:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

if such a pass exists in the other versions...( you know IGG will NOT create it)....

There was a post once about how Item mall can not change with out Snails help which costs IGG extra money... so it may not show up in the item mall any time soon.

Though, it could show up in a 1+1 event BUT...

IGG does not want you to level so fast...
so they probably will not be introducing it for a while... at least until a lot more people are able to enter/survive the instance.
So maybe train your alts?  I really do not think they know haw many actual players (people) the game has (not characters or accounts).

- Ele

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