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[Discussion] Grappling and sailing faster - what am I missing?

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Posted on 2018-03-07 23:11:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all, Newbie player here.  I'm trying to do the Counter Attack (Crete Iron Hand Ship) quest.  I"m having 2 problems....

1.  I cannot grapple.  I have the grappling skill and grappling hook.  What am I doing wrong?

2.  In the battle mode I try to increase sail, but the [ and ] shortcut keys do not work.  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.
adding the quest description for clarity from 2016 - New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide (Ele)

18. Counter Attack (Crete Iron Hand Ship)
BEFORE you sail off;
make sure your ship is thoroughly repaired (use ship repair kits or the command interface icon of repair if you have the ship building skill... click the icon then click you ship picture in the ship attribute interface.)
make sure you characters hp and sp levels are full; use the first aid kits and recovery potion.

Equip the Super Grappling Hook on your ship,
Put a grapple icon on the quick bar (click and drag from the command interface "at sea" tab)
then Go to Crete Battlefield, Board the Iron hand ship (by grappling) and kill the Captain of a Crete Iron Hand Ship (written in log book as Crete Iron Fist Armed Ship).  Report back to the Veteran.
[ Use the grappling skill by clicking the ship you want to board, and getting as close to it as possible(run into it if necessary) then click the grapple icon.  Suggest you move the icon to your sailing "hot bar" so you can use it easily while in the battlefield] .... the fighting scene will change to 2 ship decks.....Look for and kill the captain of the pirate ship, they are usually near the ships wheel or climbing over toward you on the ropes ignore the regular sailors.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 85,000, Silver 20,000,  Bronze Pendant (ordinary) level 13 Land, Captains Signet (Timed), Dictators Signet (Timed)
Reward (chat, Actual reward): Prof Exp 900,000, Silver 20,000, Silver Pendant (ordinary) level 23 Land, Captains Signet (Timed), Dictators Signet (Timed)

Posted on 2018-03-07 23:27:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

do you have cannons on your ship? do you have cannon balls? too make sure you shooting the target in range and fire angle of your cannons and more important make sure you have force attack from interaction ctrl+x  sea battle tab pick the force attack button  icon in your sb bar so when you go sea battle scene you press the button to attack or open the auto fire.

Posted on 2018-03-08 00:19:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

you have to be really close to the ship to board him, about  sails it never worked for me maybe is because of keyboard differences so best way to do is click those left and right arrows with mouse. arrows are next to your speed.

Posted on 2018-03-08 00:23:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

You must equip the grappling hook, go very close to an ship in sea battle and use the grapple skill

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2018-03-08 02:06:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

thank you all for responding.  I will try some of the suggestions.  As for the sails, the left/right arrows do not work either.  Is there any way to change the default keyboard shortcut keys?

Posted on 2018-03-08 03:48:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

honestly, never heard about arrows not working. only thing that might be problem is you need to click arrow while sailing, if you click it while just standing in place it wont do anything.

Posted on 2018-03-08 14:07:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have now re-written the Grapple & Boarding Guide to include what is below:

To grapple:

First buy the grapple stunt at the skill tutor - the higher the stunt level the more successful your grapple attempts.

1) click seabattle under the "stunt" tab
2) make sure you have stunt points to spend
3) click upgrade (click "learn" only for your first time buying the stunt)

Buy and equip grapple from shipyard boss - again, a higher level hook means better success. (ability to purchase hook levels depends on your stunt level)

go to high sea
** Turn off auto fire** or you may sink the ship before you can board it.

  auto fire when OFF looks like this

  auto fire when ON looks like this 

go to  battleground or instance or high seas or where ever the ship is you want to grapple

you must first target the ship you want to grapple.

to do this click on the ship you want to attack one time (my mouse is set to left click - you can change this under ctrl+Q >> game controls)
if you click two times you will fire your cannon at the ship.

You will see a "halo" around the targeted ship.

then pretty much run into/ crash into that ship and click the grapple icon form the interface while you are touching the ship (or as close to targeted ship as possible)
[grapple icon from interface ctrl+A then "at sea" tab]

make icon easier to use by clicking and dragging the icon from the interface to your "hot key bar" at the bottom of the screen...
{personally I have set up  bar #0 for sea battle, bar 1 for falchion, bar 2 for sword and etc etc}.
This way you just have to hit the F key indicated in the square you dragged the icon activate the grapple skill.

"Hot Key Bar" - in picture below; F7 is the key to activate the stunt and I have lvl 12 grappling stunt.

Once you hook the ship the scene will change.
You usually want to look for the captain of the ship and kill them
Your sailors will be a lot weaker than you and the captain is the hardest one to kill.
Your sailors will auto attack the other sailors.
If the opposing captain is near his sailors your sailors may attack him, if he stays near the ships wheel your sailors will kill the opposing sailors first, then attack the captain.

The captains name and look will depend on the type/level of ship you board but generally they start out/generate by the ships wheel and work their way to the rope net that you have to cross to get to the other ship.
So, cross over to the other ship at the closest area (left side of our character) and go toward the wheel (left once you cross the ropes).

crossing the rope net;

On higher level ships the captain will run to the ropes right away and it can be hard to tell who he/she is.
Hold the alt key to read names.

here is the captain of a Captain of a Crete Iron Fist;

When the captain dies you will receive some coin and sometimes a drawing.

You will then have to wait a very slow real Life 10 seconds before the scene changes after the captain dies.

When you re-appear in the sea battle scene the ship drop will be in the water; usually a figurehead or cannon. You may need to immediately stop sailing or you will be to far away to pick it up.

Be ready to be attacked, ships may have sailed closer to you when you were in the boarding scene.


More on grappling can be found in these 2 links but as a beginner you do not need anything more than what the Athens shipyard boss sells... but its here in case later in game you find you enjoy sea battle:

2015 - Grapple Guide / Database

Grapple & Boarding Guide


Ship Speed

to tell if your ship is going as fast as it can look at the top left

if you have 4 full sails like this picture you are sailing as fast as you can.
changing directions may increase speed because of the direction the wind is blowing and the wind power. (wind 7 seen above is good,... it is often only level 5)

there are many many things that affect ship speed for beginners ship type (adventure ship is fastest) and ship level (you start with lvl 10 but get free lvl 11 adventure ship in Knights vigil) and Figurehead type and upgrade stones ( you get free stones in beginner quest line that make your Nav Star figurehead faster).
You also get a free time limited Dictator signet (oddly enough you get it after you finish this quest you are stuck on) it helps ship speed a little.

Loss of sailors below minimum amount needed to sail (all scenes)  and ship damage (all scenes)  and no provisions (at high sea)  also affect sailing speed.

Later you can get higher level figureheads, upgrade stones (wind storm stones), higher lvl ships... etc etc.
You can also buy with real money "ship auxiliaries" (for ship slots)  that increase ship speed.
And a few you can get in game (Seville dock).
2015 - Ship Auxiliary Guide / Database

There is also jewelry (a ring and a necklace) that increases speed for 10 min when clicked and Item mall items like Wild Wind and High Wind Spell that increase speed temporarily.

There are also charms (look like clothing) and Belief items (character slot item) that can increase sailing speed.

To increase or decrease sailing speed in battle or on high seas mouse click the blue left or right arrows (seen in picture in red circle) OR click the SQUARE bracket key on the keyboard (when you mouse over the blue arrow it tells you which bracket for which arrow)
if square brackets keys are not working check your caps lock.
And yes, you need to be moving/sailing when clicking the blue arrows or square bracket keys, or your speed will not change.

As far as I know the regular keyboard arrows do not do anything in game.
even game screen view is determined by the mouse movement

for all keyboard key shortcuts go to ctrl+Q (system) >> game controls
they are all listed there.

as a side note so you don't think you are going crazy... ship speed in offshore/ battlefields/ drifter scenes can seem REEEELY SLOW....  especially as a beginner with low level ships.... and then in high seas these guys who have been playin for years speed by (you will see a green or purple or orange streak- upgrades- fly by sometimes)... it is a bit unsettling.

- Ele

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