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I dont think he is going to apologize for what he has done before :) He is going to shield players and will start to swear and insult again and again :) Unfortunately we are not a man like him and we always show respects to his and his gang's families. We never talked about nationalities , we never talked about mothers, and we never talked about girlfriends. BTW once upon a time Jedass told to Ossy that shielding players was an act of kids used to do . and I hope he will write explanations of "GOAT FUCKER TURK" and " ISIS MEMBER TURK" as soon as possible. In fact his guildmates always talk like that and IGG never does something. A warning.. For example if I swear the mother of FoK now,will he give me a warning ? If say something bad for chinese people ( I cant cos I m fan of Yao Ming and Sun Tzu ...wait I m a Turk and We were sworn enemies 15 centuries ago :) will FoK give me a warning ? I remember that Pohlokas just said he was expert of my mom after the last crete yesterday . And we were talikn about the capabilities and expertises of FoK :) Anyway .. Nothing will happen ..Dont  be a dreamer. But Jedass , remeber I have lots of SS of your high level conversations about private lives of players.

What could be more serious where there is death?
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Well lets be honest jedas kept talking against turks whole years cuz Turks gave his lesson lately. Now he goes shield people like people did to him in past. Now he regreted what he did i bet. So there is no solution for this. Jedas is jedas when he goes racist and for people real life stuffs everything is okay, but when he people do same thing against him  he is being a cry baby. :D Conclusion from this story is jedas wants to play fair but he can do anything, when people counter him, he will cry to gm or mod or in forum

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First of all I am not alt.Ours moderators are delete my topic yesterday. I hope they didnt do this because of Macto and Jedas thinking I am an alt. If you did because of this thats really regrettable. 

Jedas trying to defend himself with equivoke. And ours authorized condone him.

 _ IF a mod did anything or the ADMIN , it may have been MOVED for the content . I allow alts to post but if you're BANNED to post on an IP you did use an alt with ,  when I remove rights to post for the IP string on this location it will remove everything as if you do not exist . WORSE is ADMIN ban as this may effect ability of account to log in the game , often if ADMIN bans in game it closes account rights for the forum also . I am not aware of any post in THIS NAME that exist in our area that we review removed post . If you posted under this game in last week . I should see it .
 Record sent of all action taken on this account .
 IF you have issues with MODERATION you must send a PM . A FORUM complaint will be cause for action by mod staff as rules state in clear language.

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Best thing i ever done in this game was to shield jedas. And i strongly advise everyone from my 4 5 months experince

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This is the wrong place for this discussion so I MUST close the thread . Creating  alts to post is a hard thing for mods to guess at , as new forum makes old players make new accounts but offers others the ability to abuse alts to post and inflame a bad situation.

 I am not of any authority for VCO the GAME so all I can do here is ask all involved to first admit using any racist slurs is WRONG PERIOD . No excuse for it . Second since our game depends on you guys killing each other for FUN . I ask you REMEMBER it is supposed to be FUN and stop the insults ..I can SEE the crap in game . You guys should all KNOW it is not exactly promoting stable servers . So apologize for the past and agree to play for fun.
 If you cant PVP without personal attacks on a cartoon , then leave gameto be played , for those that can.

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