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[Discussion] I have bumped a few reports - are they still active?

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Posted on 2018-02-03 15:49:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

updated 2/6/2018 20:00 EST

As you all can tell I have bumped bug reports I have found that did not get a [Solved] put in front of them. (the mod stones lost one... is solved but they are still trying for compensation)

Please let us know by replying to a thread if the issue is solved, or if there is any change and what that change is.


- Ele

Yes, there are A LOT more bugs than this.

But, most reports are in the moderator section as we do not even want to hint at many of the bugs... so people are not inclined to try to figure them out and use them.
Please use PM to report bugs in detail
IF IGG is not answering your ticket about a certain bug,  feel free to pm me and I'll let you know if it is one that has been reported.

The list of "bugs" was started 9/28/2017.
we currently have 33 unresolved "bugs" and "broken" reports.
9 fixed/solved
10 (unresolved) are here visible in the forum.
(note this does not include solved items that were fixed with in a quest line breaks, totem npc changes, or other "immediate" after patch fixes.)

- Ele

Please reply to and therefor bump up any threads i may have missed... they may not be marked in red or say "bug report" in them.

Posted on 2018-02-05 15:12:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

KNOWN ACTIVE BUGS (listed in forum)

1) I  know the 2 types of camera and oilhaken items bug is still happening as I have both types in my bank. (did maps recently - few days ago and they did not stack)

2) I know yearly beast chest will not pull down from prize taking.

3) New accounts not being able to log in - SOLVED 2/5/2018  Register System Bug is fixed

4) Labintron  getting into game problem - Would like more information on how to successfully enter event!!!

5) Auto track in london suburb broken - runs you into walls and the rampant pirates quest tracking to the pirates is no longer clickable SOLVED 2/6/2018

6)  Ship fusion master does not accept Hellraiser... and this will porbably stay this way until Deer Chasing item is has been introduced and in game for a while.

7) Jadeite is mis-named Emerald in the trade trends. - SOLVED 2/6/2018