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[Discussion] [Solved] Sewing Ability does not work

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why can not I manufacture clothes for all conditions?

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Everything is given and not made to dress.

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Make sure you have appropriate production skill learned otherwise you wont be able to produce anything. Also, level of sewing is important i believe, was so long till i made anything.

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ahogy a kép is illusztrálja, azt hiszem, mindennek megvan ....
de ha tévedek, köszönöm a segítségedet ...

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You can only create Profession uniforms  level 120 and below.
And because we now get free lvl 140Profession uniforms, which are upgraded at the NPC's:
there is really no need for the sewing skill anymore.
Unless you are making Freeze helmets or a FEW other items.

Some materials such as Fine cotton Cloth and Watered Gauze are compounded at the Material Exchange Staff NPC in Seville.

though some materials such as Musa and Poacumn Cloth need sewing to create


To create an item:

1) learn the sewing skill at the skill tutor.

2) learn the drawing (Rt click the drawing of the item you want to make) you only need to learn the drawing 1x for each item.  Some old old style uniforms and hats can still be bought at NPC tailor or item seller.

3) equip a sewing kit (buy at Tailor or item seller)

4) SOME items will also require that you Use a profession production skill point:
you may need Textile knowledge, Loricae Production or Helmet Production:
Making Cloth level 1 through 12 DOES NOT require a profession point be used.

You NEED 1 point toward the Profession Production skill "Textile Knowledge" to be able to PLANT Yucca, Thick Soft Cotton and Thin Soft Cotton which is then compounded at the Material Exchange NPC in Seville.

It has been so long since I tried to sew anything, that I am not sure if Loricae and Helmet production need Sewing or Foundry as your skill ...

Foundry or sewing skill for uniforms use to depend on the profession of the type of uniform you were trying to make.

So someone will have to comment on that... maybe i can try to make some cloth and test it but it will take a few days.

5) select the item you want to create from the sewing interface

*Note pet jewelry and old wedding items show in sewing interface...
**which is now bugged and says Ship building at the top.

Choose the item from you list of learned drawings

When making individual items do not auto compound. (you do not want accidentally use up extra items).
Use auto compound when making cloth.

Buy 1 ability reward gold from the item mall and use it to auto train sewing to 100.
Then make about 6-10 level 10 hats to train the skill up to 120.
(hats use the least materials and at least use to give the most exp per amount of materials)

First, collect enough materials to create 8 or 10 hats. Then use a 4exp scroll and create your items.

Do NOT even try to do the sewing tasks (to make uniforms) in the Voyagers Times.
The drawings are near impossible to get.

Make only as much lvl 11 and 12 cloth as you need to create what ever item you want... it is VERY expensive as it requires 1 weaving tool (@ 20,000 silver) per piece of cloth.

A planting card lasts 31 Real life days (44640 minutes)

It begins counting down as soon as you claim it from the warehouse and does not stop even when logged off.

- Ele

Posted on 2018-01-06 17:05:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the help so solved