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[Discussion] War Drummer Item

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Posted on 2017-12-06 14:37:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello I started playing the game a bit back with a friend

and the friend lost the war drummer item due to it being in bank while he transferred the bank it seems.

Question: Is there a way to re-do the quest for the war drummer item or does he have to make a new character to get good gear (like the one from the main quest)?

Posted on 2017-12-08 03:31:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

war drummer is received in #87 of the Beginner quest line and is then turned in at #112.

There is no way for players to reset, or redo any quest task once it is finished.

you have a couple of options:

You can try  sending a report into tech support and have them possibly give you the item:
IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info

but You will probably have to leave your character online 24/7 so a support person can get a GM character online and physically trade the item to you at their convenience.
and that is IF they decide to respond at all... support is a real crap shoot for this game.

I would say if they do not answer your email/ ticket support request with in about 3 days, just make another character.  It is only about a days work to get a character up to #100 or more in that quest line.

I THINK the war drummer is bound.. so that means you will have to play the new character and will not be able to trade it to your other character.

Just skip the rest of the quest line...
you may have to do a bit of self leveling and get the character to level 120.
at that point do the knights vigil 1 and get your free 120 uniform...
self level some more and then do knights vigil 2 when you get to level 140.

personally I'd try contacting support first .. then if no answer or given an non helpful answer i would just make a new character...  but I hate self leveling/ grinding solo.

- Ele

Posted on 2017-12-13 20:12:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would buy a book to make me 140 and go do 140 quest . 200 im points

Visit for game features !
Posted on 2017-12-14 10:33:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Led means the buy the "140 Gift Bag" from the item mall to make your character level 140.  Then the Knights Vigil 2 Quest line will be open and just do that quest line.

But i think a character can not solo the Knights Vigil 2 Quest line unless they have also brought some of their skills to 120 ( weapon, bare hand,  probably others.)
You may just need to team a friend who is a bit stronger than you and go through the quests together... that way any kills your friend makes will count as your kills and you will still get the experience points (as long as you stay with in a certain range of each other)

If you buy a 140 Gift Bag from the item mall,
I would do the Knights Vigil 1 first all the way through for the free lvl 11 adventure ship ( and 120 uniform, weapon, and jewelry)
then do Knights Vigil 2 for the free 140 Gear.
Then do the Gonzalez Barcelona map quests ( as you collect map pieces over time) and get a free "3rd" weapon.

When you choose a 140 weapon in Knights Vigil 2, choose what ever weapon you wish to be your main weapon.  Getting the map pieces and coin to make maps will take longer.. so think about what your 2nd weapon will be... and use the free 120 to train what ever other weapon skill.

example get an axe from Knights vigil 120, a Sword from knights vigil 140 and a gun from Barcelona map quests. (you can buy more 140 weapons at Tiger totem exchanger in Seville but they are kind of expensive for a new player)
* I find running the Mallorca instance (3 times a day is max allowed) is an easy way to train a weapon though you could buy and use ability reward gold to get to 100 then train the rest using 2, 3 or 4 times experience scrolls to level even faster.

link to Item mall "experience scroll"
you can get a 1 time use 2x exp scroll in guild hall. (guild caretaker or guild supplier)

link to item mall w/ search term "140";

- Ele