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[Discussion] Bugs fixes delay

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Posted on 2017-12-04 07:50:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

Since our version always getting patches after/from BBO, im wondering why we didnt get the fix patches yet ? First boss in Yizhou still has defense stacking bug which is being highly abused in MMP, meanwhile as i heard in BBO that bug was already fixed 6 months ago ? Same goes for general skills, BBO fixed them long ago. Means its not Mr.Snail we are waiting for but just lack of communication in staff.
Please fix current bugs before adding more content to game

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Well I agree on this one. At least ''banning people just because they are 168 set and have high base points'' thing will stop. Also lets be real not the people who are abusing the bugs are getting banned, only the ones who get caught gets banned based on points. Because there are multiple ways to hide points if you want it. If you really want to ban someone at least ban on the point difference with their original point. For some reason top 10 is only tanks and only 2-3 people are getting banned. Will get rid of all these problems. Also there might be some people slipping and extra 2k def to events who knows. Most people have AT LEAST an extra 30k points more than they should have, I dont want to give names and if the bug disappears all these problems will go away with it.

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Well I agree on this one. Original version has so much content that it could revive our game with some of it. These are good idea I doubt they will all come but at least some of the ideas are doable. The perma bg and maybe weekly ares sounds nice. Not all depends on patches.

Edit: Meant to reply on the previous comment.

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Why would they do anything if community don't complain enough about certain issues.

If players would make/send tickets daily about bugs(we know that forum gets ignored), guess they would fix quick enough instead of having to deal with many tickets on daily basis. Since i don't think they get that many, copy and paste same answer for them should not take long now, if they get odd in.

Another thing, why people are paying money especially when company don't  want to fix bugs for very long time. If they dont want to do something for us, maybe we should not pay for their ignorance. And no, we dont believe that snail would take months to fix bugs. They are like 5 years ahead of us or something, went through all the bugs and fixed them. For them, it should be matter of copy and paste game code, and translating dont take 6 months either.
At least IGG is good at something, taking players cash without almost any effort whatsoever, and worst part, most people like it that way.

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no fixes here cos all staff working in bbo

They say that human experimentation is your case it was not illegal enough
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Why would IGG stuff work in bbo, and snail stuff doesn't have much to do with vco. As someone mentioned above if it's fixed on bbo it means snail already have fix for bug it's only problem in IGG.