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[Discussion] Suggestion: Apparent Charm

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Posted on 2017-11-11 10:32:03 | Show thread starter's posts only


I have a suggestion, why dont we put apparent charms??

We all have some old or favorite charms, but we dont use them because they are useless, they have no good adds, and some do not have adds at all.

My idea is to be able to use these old charms (make them appear) without changing the main charm.

You can call it, the charm of the charm :P

This will make people buy charms from IM.

What do you think??

Posted on 2017-11-11 12:37:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

** Think he meant by the word "Apparent" =   "visible"

again nice idea 
1) unless it is in the Chinese version of this game  we will not be getting it (What are they like 4 years ahead of us?)
2) we do not get all the Chinese version items.  if they do not earn extra Item Mall for IGG they often do not implement it.
3) if we already have old charms how will IGG make money?  ok maybe 1 or 2 people would buy an old charm  but not enough to pay a programmer to invent a way for this to happen.
4) we already have a way to wear old style charms

Actually there is already a way for you to change what a charm looks like when wearing it in game.  However I do not know if it works or not .. never tried.
And I do not know if the stats are changed or what.

The "Custom Charm Tailor Merchant" in Seville Upper Dock:
right click on picture > view image... to see full size... then use your browsers "back"/ "back one page" button to to return to forum.

The Custom Charm Tailor Merchant
will change a charm that you currently have to look like an old charm.

Again I do not know if stats are changed or just the appearance is changed.
I do not know if you have to exchange sea charms for sea charms or if you can only exchange certain styles for certain others.

To see the charm styles you have to put a charm in the empty box at the top of the NPC interface.
There are 5 tabs worth of charms.

I think that is what we are suppose to be doing with all the free future fighter charms we get from drifters... taking them there and making ones we want.

 if anyone know how the custom charm tailor merchant works please post in detail.

- Ele

Posted on 2017-11-11 17:47:43 | Show thread starter's posts only


I searched some drifters and got a future fighter charm...
when I attempted to change/exchange it for any of the charms it told me I could only exchange:
"equipment usable by both genders"

so that limits the turn in/ exchange to the following unisex charms:

New Christmas charm
Demon Captain
Imperial Guardian
tiger charm
Black rabbit
White rabbit
Gu Si

let me know if I'm missing any unisex charms, so i can update charm guide!

looking at cheapest unisex charm for 499 IM... (Beserker and Stalker)  they have nearly the same stats as the FREE from wreckage drifters Future fighter Charm.... (just 5 Critical strike more)

so it is probably not worth it to even bother buying those charms.

So only charm in regular item mall you can use that might be worth it is the New Christmas charm  but that costs 1,800IM regular price...

expensive gamble since i dont know if you loose stats or what.


**EDIT 2 ***

decided to try to waste a rabbit charm i have on an alt...

the message in chat told me

"Requires 1 Charm Model Changing Card"

oooooooo kay

nope never have seen that in this game... must have been from an event IGG never implemented.
(searched IGG news posts and sales but no mention of it anywhere)


OK, so as you see the game has the ability.....
it is just that IGG does not want us to be able to do it.

maybe IGG thinks they can make more money by trying to force us to buy charms with no stats just so we can be a bit different from everyone else? 
or it could be the system is bugged (but they would never tell us that).

IDK ...**SIGH**

- Ele

Posted on 2017-11-11 23:08:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just a small correction. Berserker and Stalker charms give 5 critical strike rate, unlike Future Fighter from drifters which doesn't give any purple stats.

That being said, I would say its still not worth buying those two charms for 499 IM points. There are charms from tower which are much better and you get them for free basically. Not to mention Dragon Charm and Entrepreneur Charm from Crete siege event which are one of the top land and sea charms in game.

Only charm worth buying from IM is the New Christmas Charm, but only during hot sales, because that's the only charm with pure Damage Bonus. Gu Si charm is nice to have as well, but its only available during special IM events, sadly it can't be bough directly...


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