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[Discussion] Bug report but nothing

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Posted on 2017-11-08 12:47:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Stupid game. Me report 3 months ahead bug at General Ken Edmund Skill and GM all time say wait ...he doesn't care about anything mr. Fu.

Maybe need stop this game.

Posted on 2017-11-08 14:22:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

We have over 30 bugs on report in the Mod section.

I "found" another one  2 days ago.

IF you would like to give a full description in writing of your bug
Someone can say that they also have the same bug when using the same general... I will add it to the list.

sorry  it needs to be well described in writing... not just a you tube as i do not have any generals and do not know name or type differences and quite frankly do not understand skills very well....  I use to be a healer and planter in this game.

- Ele

ps unfortunately all i can tell in the video is you are clicking the top skill with a black background it might be an icon of a sword?? but I can not read the words to the skill or general in that video the quality is to low.

The picture you have above is totally different - still a ken edmund but a different skill has the mouse pointer on it. (obviously the skill hurricane attack is not timing down in picture )

so is the cool-down time of ALL ken edmunds not working on your character?

.... if its Just a character bug on your 1 character.... I doubt igg will even look at it since they wont even fix GAME bugs that affect everyone.

Posted on 2017-11-08 14:53:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Found the old thread you reported.....

2nd thread on subject

1st thread on subject:

FOK called the problem solved as in you just have to throw away the general and get a new one....

this is now considered a "Game feature" ; the possibility of getting broken generals.

(True, a FEW people with same report before you got their generals exchanged, but then IGG realized how often the bug is happening... so it is now considered a game feature.   It is unfortunate that you were probably the first person to fall under the new "we are not going to exchange them" rule)

However, if this is happening to ALL your generals please make that clear.

- Ele

Posted on 2017-11-09 16:36:16 | Show thread starter's posts only


I have re-read all your prior posts
Unfortunately probably because of English is not your first language, no where do you talk about more than one Ken Edmund general.  So it was not clear that you had more than 1 broken general.

You need to make it clear in your letter to support that you have MULTIPLE broken generals that are not broken for anybody saying something like:


I think I was not clear in my last report (ticket number ###)

Not just one or 2 but ALL Ken Edmund Generals I pick up do not work!

I currently have 4 Ken Edmund Generals.
NONE of the skills work on any of my 4 Ken Edmund Generals.

I have compared the ("slash attack" made up name) of one of my Ken Edmund generals with 2 other players in game and their  (slash attack) works.
Another Ken Edmund ("fighting horror" name made up) was also compared to other players... their (fighting horror) skill works and mine does not.

Recently about 2 days ago I picked up another new Ken General and his skill (Skill name) does not work either!  Yet it works for 3 of my guild mates.

This makes it obvious that my account is bugged!
Please have a technician look at my account and fix it so that all Ken Edmund general skills work.


note that I added/ put in to the letter, that you tried a new drop.... this will prove to them that you re not just holding onto old broken cards you got that first week when a lot of cards were bugged.

so make sure you have tried a new drop.
also make sure your generals have skills that work for other players.

You will need to send a new email to support, worded very similar to what i have written.

- ele

oh and i did look at the "new" youtube video...  you only show 1 ken edmund not working.
you need to show that you are trying 2 or 3 different generals and that NONE will work.

but for IGG support I suggest screen shots showing the mouse pointer clicking the different generals.
and then maybe a video as back up.  (since you can attach screen shots to your support email).