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[Discussion] Looking for "Bug"/Trick/ Game Feature to get more mod stones

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Oh did he rlly choose that title? bad you!

What are your "tricks" to get many mod stones from crete? I mean everyone has his special places/methods/ times to use refines same with Mod Stones.... and since IGG seeems to hardly hate me lately with my random open somewhere ( 0 stones, 10 stones , 0 stones , 20 stones and so on) i get annoyed and dunno why i waste my time with this game:)    So would be nice if you share your methods/places to open them where you get  better rate....

(btw the list above is for really retarded)

Kind Regards

Edit: to calm down haters:  topic name is just provocating choosed to make ppl interested to read:P  topic is more about superstition and sharing it :D

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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i would maybe consider that since i throw shitloads of IM in this game but for sure not for this crazy price.... 1 IM= 1 mod stone could be though about but still to much in theory

I still think they not understand that we need hundred thousands of them so can be easy 100.000+ depending on what your goal ist

so at 1IM each it would be still easy 100.000IM for some nice stats IF the price would be 1IM/each

and with that you not gonna reach 2x 5 items with 3 max stats of your choice.... i bet not even 1x 5items with any 3 max stats

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2017-10-12 14:16:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

well  as noted in many other posts..
IGG does not want you to level up easily above 160's

looking at history, major updates come about every 12-18 months....
Yizhou patch was June 6, 2017...
so you have about 6 months .. maybe longer to gather what you need.

as for IM prices... they have changed them maybe 3 times in 10 years so dont expect much there.

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It's luck based how many you get from boxes.. but it already been answered and discussed many times..
do we have enough modification stones to upgrade items ? YES
do we have enough modification stones to make all items stats +20 ? NO

so simply would say they don't wanna rush maxing people out.. there are so many things to do in-game still but players keep delaying and expecting each patch to be easier.. 
We got forging option for years now, does anyone have best forges yet ?
We got smelting option for over 5y now, 90% of players still not done with them either..
Now generals training, most not done with +800 attacks either.. so my point - +20s on general items can wait, we got a lot more stuff to do before that

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If we go to the mathematics cause everything i based probability with make the game less desire to play is more like casino

You need avg of 1500 stone it could be good or worse cause it can go to 10000 mod stones to get what you want 1500 to get red stats means  x8 equipment 12000modification stones witch can be worse than that not less worse, and that 1st stats for 2nd stats will 24000 and 3rd stats 36000 so if you looking for red stats is some around 72000mod stone  FOK  for player able to reach goals of patch that has more than 1 year old.

And that why out counting what you need for upgrade witch might be some 5k-10k most stones avg  the question to FOK how long will take player to collect 82k mod stones with our current event?5-10years? many players will quit before that believe so.

some lucky player will have them in less some other in more.

thatis just for for 8 equipment, the real number begin now, if you want be goo don land and sea you need  16 equipment= 164000 mod stones

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What i find it best works for me is not joining events at all (most cases cant make it), then cant really complain about drops, if you get any or 0. Anyways, you need so many of them that getting 0-20 or even 50 makes no difference at this point. We need them in thousands. I prefer to enjoy game rather than farm and try to advance in any way possible. Since our advance is so controlled to the point where game mechanism is no longer working /completely broken as is suppose due many things have been removed from game.
Most people coming here to enjoy game and entertain themselves and not farm forever. Where is fun in that. Chinese patches last around 1.5-2 years where gear lvls increased, requirements reduced and more events added to satisfy people to enjoy. They get their gears to 170-180-190 within 1 week to a 2 months and  cant even get basic things for free or more available in game.
At this point in game, we should be getting them in hundreds a day, whatever that might be daily tasks, events, exchange them from different npc and so on.
Some things needs to be given in easier ways otherwise not much point in trying to advance in game anymore.
Guess Igg not interested at all in gaining more new paying customers or keeping existing, might as well close the game or give back to snail if you keep deleting most good content out of the game.