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[Discussion] [Solved] Extortion manual lvl 2 book and get trade voucher from

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I like to ask where  can i find Extortion manual lvl 2  book or buy them? as they not in the im list could some tell me where can get them 2 from? as i can';t find any asnwer on this quest,

and also  where to get trade voucher from? as doing tourte city  quest

i have level 3 and 4  Extortion manual  but need just level 2


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They are being dropped by white sail ships. You need to board them and kill the captains.

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strong boy wanna start extorting ppl to pay pardons :D

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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hmm i think i know who are u mayra or  macto? Flamewars

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Extort upgrade

Quest  Name:      Hunted and killed the chief mate of a Spanish armed merchant ship 
Quest serial:     62
Requirement:      Complete quest 46 48 requirement:Nationality is Caribbean pirate
Task description: Do you know the famous saying:to catch bandits ,fish catch the ringleader?I tell you when robbing a merchant on sea,killing the chief mate is the same thing as sinking the entire ship.Do you want to try this method now ?Go and kill 25 chief mates of Spanish armed merchant ships of the gold level
NPC:              pirate leader Haman
Reward:           Skill Manual of Extortion Level2;the amity with Caribbean pirate +5
This quest is also given by the guild guy. This one is little harder cause u need pretty high land fighting skills. For this quest u have to board 25 gold ships and kill the captains. Same as the disposal upgrade, u get a scroll as reward, right click it to upgrade your extort lvl

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[Guides] Pirate Quests @ Tortuga

Quest  Name:      Pirate sailor dress
Quest serial:     47
Requirement:      Nationality is Caribbean pirate     
Task description: If you want a suit of pirate sailor, bring five trade vouchers and exchange then for it ,by the way , the chief mate on the nearby armed merchant ship might have trade voucher on him
NPC:              loricae peddlery
Reward:           Pirate sailor dress
Talk to the arm peddler and locarice guy (or whatever his been called) to query the tasks. Both these quest require trade vouchers that can only be found by boarding merchant ships. Once u have +31 weapon skill and good defense (80+) pearls are easy to board.
Once u have completed these 2 quests u unlock more quests and the black market.


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Board the white ships and kill the captains to get trade vouchers. Higher the ship level, higher the chance of dropping. You can try hanging around Tortuga and sink all the white ships passing by.