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[Discussion] Promote problem after set change

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Posted on 2017-09-08 08:57:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

i had +2 promote on my farrel ring and +9 prmote on my harris ring.
i upgraded my harris ring to iscar ring. and i changed my farrel ring to harris ring not to lose set bonus.
but i lost the 2 promote on it. i contacted support but they say they can not* fix it. 
there is allready a topic  about that and i see that guy get his promotes back. i havethe same problem. why i cant get my promotes back?
If this problem fixeble why fix that guys problem and ignore the rest?
he pay usd and dont us pay usd? 131k++ IM allready used on this acc.
İf i decide to change my harris set to defensive set because of no team i will lose 6k Im worth material.
so tell me the difference between that guys problem and my problem.

Posted on 2017-09-08 12:42:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ummm, well first of all, the first 2 promotes you lost on your ring are valued at 488 IM (that's assuming you bought every item, including rainbow crystals, from IM at full cost). SO less than 500 IM lost, if you're spending so much IM, get the hell over it, 488 is a drop in the bucket compared to 131k, right :)?

In addition, that topic on forum has been there for almost 3 weeks, and you created a thread in late June, meaning you are/were active on forum since before that thread and obviously, after that thread. The difference between his problem and yours is, he didn't know about it until it happened and he lost far more than just 2 promotes on a ring; the information about losing promotes, however, has been available and accessible for anyone since the 22nd of August, meaning you should be aware of it now (not anyone's problem if you don't take advantage of the resources and information available to you in the forum, you don't even have to post or reply, you can still just read). 

In fact, you yourself replied to the thread about promote issues 6 days were you not aware of it before today??

 I have a feeling this happened to you a while ago and you're trying to retroactively get the promotes back because now you see they've done it for someone else...just like a child....waaaaaaa he got a candy bar,  I deserve a candy bar too....QQ

Posted on 2017-09-08 13:23:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

 i did avere of that before i change my farrel ring to harris ring. as i said i allready created a ticket and asked support before i changed my farrel ring to harris ring. thats one of the reasons i didint changed my full set. i allready submit too many ticket to support.
before i did create a topic here allready.
yes i did spend 131k+++ IM allready. 
problem is not how much IM i invest, i wrote that to point we also invest  to game.
problem is if this problem fixed for some1 have to fix to others too or not fixed to anyone.
and if i change my set to defensive set i will lose of my promos that worth 6k IM.
AND I WERE SERIOUSLY THINKING TO CHANGE TO DEFENSIVE SET BECAUSE OF NO TEAM  and when i did that prmotes no1 complained abut that no1 even knew about that problem.

finalize, i am pretty sure that so many people prmoted farrel ring at least 2 time or more to get extra 2 db bonus before they change it to harris or defensive set. no1 aware the trap of IGG about u lose the promotes when u change the set just decide to prmote farrell  and change it to harris before  get 165 ring to pay less.  and as all knows that farrel rng has better db stat then harris defensive and 165 ring. if a guy promoted it 5 time he will lose 5 serpent 36 bodhi 18 tear 30rc 50 medal 24 medal i think, and that worth around 2k if not bought from hotsale, lets say bought from hotsale it cost less but still more than 1k IM,  and if he keep promote it he have to pay around 40+ serpent stone instead of 2 there is huge difference between them. and pls dont tell me u spend alot of BRS and Black pearl when u change farrel to harris/defensive. Most get BRS from colonies, advanced cards or fragments from crete. can not even compared to serpent atm. 

U called me child but u miss sth, u act like child with that reaction u gave u can suck that candys anytime u want. enjoy on sucking them have fun

Posted on 2017-09-08 15:33:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

YOU did not know about it...check the first post about it, I knew about it well before then...I lost a promote too, I didn't find it necessary to whine on the forums about it or demand compensation. Oh well, for all I knew at that point, it was how it was supposed to work. In fact, I'm not even sure why they restored J-Rogue's did he not notice the promotes were gone after switching the first people not regularly check their crap after changing it???

Finally, in your post you said specifically: "i had +2 promote on my farrel ring and +9 prmote on my harris ring.
i upgraded my harris ring to iscar ring. and i changed my farrel ring to harris ring not to lose set bonus.
but i lost the 2 promote on it. i contacted support but they say they can not* fix it."

When did you contact support? Did you only contact support after you saw they fixed J-Rogue's items? Did you contact them as soon as you lost the promotes and they said no, then fixed J-Rogue's same issue later? Because again, to quote you: " did avere of that before i change my farrel ring to harris ring. as i said i allready created a ticket and asked support before i changed my farrel ring to harris ring. " So in your own words, you were already aware of the issue and STILL moved the farrel to the harris knowing full well you'd lose the promotes and apparently, before IGG even replied (or if they did reply, you ignored the fact that they wouldn't replace the promotes and went ahead and switched it anyway). Either way, that's entirely your fault. 75% of your original post is complaining about them not fixing your item that you've already lost the promotes on, which we've now established is your fault. Now all your replies are just saying you "might" switch to defense set and want to know ahead of time if you can get the promotes back. Which is it??

Posted on 2017-09-08 16:54:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

i contact supoort before i chnage the ring, if they did fix it i would prabably change whole set because no team. if they fixed urs they had to fix the rest but they chose ignore. if i did not change farrel to harris now i woud change it when i upgrade fully 165 so i would lose that promotes that day. i did changed my harris to 165 to gain more forges on i had to change my farrel to harris before i upgrade my harris to 165 not to lose set bonus.
 my farrel and harris ring forges were allready maxed. 

 geting 1-2 medal 1-2 pearl everyday some day even dont get it. i did ddc 5 day in yizhou  and i couldnt even gathered enough material to get +2 promote back bought some material from some1.

u miss the main point if i change my harris set to defensive set they dont fix prmos back.
and may be except few, no1 knew that u lose promotes if you change the set. all used materials on set to get more power and also bought from IM. at least i bought directly from IM. if you had seen if i decide to change my harris set i will lose 6k IM worth material in first message. and after that i wrote whats the difference between me and u. 

u insist not  to understand. i know people whom has more promote than me on farrel ring. if they decide to change to harris/defensive they will lose more material more than 1k IM worth material may be. if they keep promo on it they have to spend 40++ serpent stones instead of 2.  most has the same problem. u were the first whom chnaged it and contact the support and get ur stuff fixed. just stop act like that they wont delete ur prmotes back. but be honest i wish they did after ur act. i want this problem fixed for everyone not for only1.

i contact them after i see ur topic. probably the same day u get ur items fixed or 1 day later than that. i were talking to change wholse set on public and a friend said there is a problem and a topic about that. i checked it and decided to w8 the result. DSofa said u get ur promotes fixed. i checked forum confirmed and contact to suport. 

main problem how much IM me or u spend, or how many IM u or me lost because of change. or how much i would lose if i completely change set. Main problem here is if this is fixible they have to do same for all not for 1. i wont write anymore to u because u keep insist not understand. 

They know new ini is hard and creating team also hard. If change defensive set lose 6k Im if buy materials from IM and make 165 directly u lose 10k IM. in any condition they force u to spend more and more IM thats what they do.

Posted on 2017-09-08 17:22:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Again, it is your fault for being aware of what happens to the promotes, switching your ring anyway, and then complaining that they won't replace it. I never asked them to replace mine, it's a few hundred IM lost, and generally the fee for replacing items is 200 IM or more per item, it was not worth the time and resources lost whining and sending tickets. Better to just say oh well, guess I learned a valuable lesson, and move on. And since you have indicated you spend plenty of IM, there shouldn't be any issue buying a few hundred and replacing the lost promotes ;)? Take out the middle man and it'll cost you about the same.

I noticed it very early, yes, but never made the information public until J-Rogue and his issue brought it to light. It's not my job to keep the forum up to date on the latest errors and problems :angel: J-Rogue, not me, got his items replaced. I never even bothered to ask them to replace the 1 promote I lost on my blade as, once again, it is soooooo not worth the effort and time wasted to get back a couple hundred lost IM.

When it comes to the promote's being lost, yes, that is a block to switching sets until your gear is upgraded. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's how the system is supposed to work. Either way, we have not had confirmation from any authoritative source one way or the other, so until then, IGG gets to interpret it however they like. I'm fairly certain they aren't sure how it's supposed to work either, hence the need to take over J-Rogue's account for several days and the reward they sent him after. They needed a test dummy to figure it out and he was the first to unknowingly volunteer :D Whether or not they figured it out is still up for debate. Since we don't have a direct answer from FoK or IGG regarding the promote interactions, they have zero obligation to replace your lost promotes or the ones you may lose in the future other than "he got it, I want it too" which is exactly how spoiled children justify their wants :)

Posted on 2017-09-08 20:29:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

i think what IceCream is trying to make a point of, is that he would like equal treatment. Perhaps he did the promotions much earlier, and yes he might of seen the post at after that about not being able to change gears without losing promotions. So, whether its 1 or 10 promotions done, the treatment should be equal for players, not even depending on how much IM is spent on the account either.

Posted on 2017-09-08 23:50:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

There is no such thing as equal treatment at IGG.

One day they bind Astrology Crystal Balls to my alt so I can use delicate basic stones.
The other day they refuse to bind Astrology Crystal Balls to zibc's alt.

Don't even wanna go into the fact how IM players can get away with cheating...

So as the guy said, learn to deal with it. You only lost 2 promotes. Could have been much worse. Don't be so frustrated about it, don't expect anything cause otherwise you'll only end up being disappointed.


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Posted on 2017-09-09 07:12:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

To me thay fix 28 promotes and i agre thay should fix your too