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[Discussion] [Solved] accidentally authenticated quest item

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OK. i made a mistake and hit the authenticate all button without thinking. the bible i needed to progress in quest  is gone. i had another support character at close level so i spent many hours getting the bible on that character only to find out the bible is an non tradeable item. what options do i have? i tried gm support but you know how that goes. i even tried to make about 30 level 1 treasure maps before i found out the bible map is a prop for the quest only.

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Bible (Old Testament) is a treasure item which comes from level 2 treasure maps. It should be tradeable, although I am not sure if they changed that in the latest update, but I highly doubt it.

You have four options:
1. You can buy the Bible from Seville, from some other player.
2. You can make treasure maps yourself, hoping to find it. It comes from a level 2 treasure map located in Athens church.
3. Make a new character, get it to the same point in storyline. Once you receive the Bible, trade it to your main.
4. Send a ticket to service center and wait for a couple of weeks to get an answer from them.

Posted on 2017-09-06 11:44:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

The bible (as said above) is also a quest item in the beginner quest line:

it did not use to be bound... maybe they bound the quest bible to keep people from selling it and breaking the quest line...  unfortunately  keeping them from authenticating it is harder.

really all you can do is:
buy an unbound one from another player...  You may end up spending a lot of coin trying to get it from a treasure map as the map locations are random.
send a email / ie make a ticket with support.
IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info

However you should be far enough into the beginner quest line that you can just stop where you are and do the knights vigil 1 and knights vigil 2 quest lines.
You just need to be level 120 to start them.
Do them while you wait for support to answer (IF they answer).

copy paste from

New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide

137. The Lost Bible ( The Old Testament -- The Bible)
Talk to Suez Tavern Boss
Tavern Boss gives you a map, search for and find the treasure (Bible - Old Testament) in the Basra Suburbs then continue to next step.   DO NOT authenticate the treasure
**when you find the treasure you will get some Rare Literature click it to get Profession exp.
Reward (Voyage Log): 19,000,000 Profession Exp, and Bible Treasure Map.
Reward (chat): 70,000,000 Profession Exp, and Bible Treasure Map.
VERY IMPORTANT, there are several tasks that give maps or treasures. DO NOT authenticate the treasure, unless directed by the task, or you can not finish the quest. If you do authenticate, then you need to acquire the treasure again to complete. Either buy the treasure of find it using your own maps. Most treasures in the Storyline are quest props.
If you have trouble figuring out where the treasure is located... refer to:

Beginner Map searching / Storyline maps
Treasure Map, Treasure finding for beginners

138. The Old Testament—The Bible
Hand the Bible to Akbar. in Bombay Port
Reward (Voyage Log): 19,000,000 Profession Exp, 800,000 4 Weapons Exp,
Dark Long Blade (Superior) level 71 Falchion / Black Gold Long Blade lvl 71 (superior)
Dark Giant Sword (Superior) level 71 Sword
Dark Broad Axe(Superior) level 71 Axe
Dark Long Spear (Superior) level 71 Gun
Reward (chat): 70,000,000 Profession Exp, 800,000 4 Weapons Exp, 5 Windstorm Stones (Bound)

- Ele

Posted on 2017-09-06 21:35:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the advice. I read somewhere it was level 1 map but you may be right. I couldn't find any Bible for sale. I'll wait for response from support. If I don't get an answer ill consider trying for some maps again. I have another character I'm using for treasure anyway. By the way, the bible obtained from the quest map is bound - I tried to trade from another character.