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[Discussion] No euro ares event, compensation must be given

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Posted on 2017-09-03 09:09:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

sorry ,there is something wrong with the process of server。
so some1 get in ,someone can't get in.

we will extend the ddc event until Sep 4.

sorry for that.

Posted on 2017-09-03 09:14:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

What we suppose to do with ddc? It is not giving us modification stones that we need for general equipment and we wait 2 weeks for event. Can you move this even to become weekly occurrence? Or give us max dragon instead?

Posted on 2017-09-03 09:14:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

I dont need ddc, cash i can farm everyday!euroares gives us mod stones  and general manuals:angry: wich i cant get with ddc... thats not compensation

Posted on 2017-09-03 09:40:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

We don't need DDC.

We need Modification Stones.

Posted on 2017-09-03 09:40:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

FOK your compensation is ridiculous considering the rewards given from Euro event.

Posted on 2017-09-03 10:57:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Send 30-40-50 euro ares event package to either all rank 8 and above people, since rewards are not tradeable it doesn't matter.

Or make a selection somehow else, add it to free lunch so only people who is playing today get it.

Posted on 2017-09-03 11:44:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

I was here for the time the event was supposed to start, with no invite, i could only wait 20 more minutes then I had to leave for appointment with real life things. So, I get back and see that the event went on anyways, at some later random time! I personally think that the compensation of DDC extension is not only not fair but a bit ridiculous. You try to be here for event but event is not held so then others can make it.. ok fine.. but then they get that event reward AND they also get the DDC event like everyone else. Plus, DDC is not equal to the event, the reward base for the event is many many times higher then anything you can get with DDC. You really are experts are disappointing and destroying the player base. Compensation should be equal to all players who didn't make the the event because of YOUR error not theirs.

Posted on 2017-09-03 14:10:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

That ddc dont bring us modification stones and general manuals.
So do something about it,give us what we need.
Make damn Euro ares and Max every weekend as is supposed to be.
Stop being so greedy and release patches the way they were deignated,not half cutted the way you want for your pocket.
Snail game made this game with some patches after some logic.If u keep cutting stuff out of it we wont be able to do any new instance.No new instance,no new gear,no reason to stay in this game.

Posted on 2017-09-03 19:59:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

This will stay like this?

Send me at least 30-50 euro ares event packages i was here at the time of the event , server did not teleport me

Posted on 2017-09-04 02:13:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

That's BBO events every week they get, and you saying that euro ares don't work? If that's the case, i would not worry so much, as max event is there, and that way all players get same rewards, and not few top like in crete/euro ares.
We need all the events that were designed to be on, and not what FOK chooses to give us. We are falling behind stats wise by a lot, and as someone mentioned, soon we wont be able to do much at all if this continues.