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[Discussion] Reason of why we doing new instance so hard...

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Posted on 2017-09-02 12:18:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Reason is we got wrong patch ..

at least FoK must to make new stat work in this patch..

for instance we need new stat ( willpower reaction physique acute ) and must to work there.

but no work all new stat in VCO instance and all of map. ( some people say can work but not all map )

but i think totally not work

i checked many times.. in BG out of BG.

new stat is don t work perfect.

if new stat work 160 player x 4 + AB can kill till final boss i am sure.

so we spent $ to buy lumi pearl. but its useless now.

and most player got pain from new instance.

it s sad.

i think FoK must to fix before sell lumi pearl

no1 agree this?

Posted on 2017-09-02 12:42:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

We have asked FOK many times to confirm if all new stats works as intended in all places, but most important, in new instance.  That is the whole point of having this patch and new stats. More than 2 months passed, and still nothing but luminous pearls still on sale even though only technique and parry works out of all of them.  

So FOK, what is the idea, when you are thinking to check and fix it. You have been doing some working in fixing in other places, where we can actually see some stats working but not inside 170 instance. And don't tell us that they have high stats, and we need to make 170 set and max them to notice. Some of our players have high them too and don't see any difference.

Can you please confirm to all community that you are doing something about, or if you tell it is working 100%, we need some kind of proof. You can copy some stats from TOP 10 list and run instance, and send info to snail and let us know that outcome, what is the issue. No one to be handed on a place but we want to be sure that that 170 instance working properly. If not hydra beliefs, which not sure if available in chinese version, still no one would be killing that 3rd boss here either. 

We need quick resolution on this, this have been going for for long enough, and as GM of the game, you need to assure us that we spend money on something that actually works as intended.