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[Discussion] Kratos quest with Azizahs coin

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Posted on 2017-08-31 00:04:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

I was doing the Kratos quest & i got as far as Azizahs Coin. When i went to give it to Kratos, he would not talk to me. This has happened to me a couple of times & had to start new characters.  Is this a bug or what?  Help Please!!!!

Posted on 2017-08-31 00:18:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

If the coin doesn't spawn the mob on the island then it will be

Posted on 2017-08-31 00:22:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

I will try that. Thank you

Well i went to Thassos Island & tried right clicking azizah coin. And it says, "It's not available at present".

Hey ledhead help!  I quess i will put a ticket in & hope it gets cleared up.

Posted on 2017-08-31 09:30:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Please look at and follow the forum guide carefully...

So you need to look at the items in your inventory... see what you got and compare so you can figure the name of the last step in the quest you did...

Check your voyage log... is the knights vigil (there are 2 so check the words) quest listed in the log?

This is what Azizah's Coin looks like: you get it from finding the treasure (map item) in regular Crete maze.

Azizah's coin does not spawn the Thasos monster... you turn it in to Kratos to get a helmet and exp.

The "sorrow of war" aka. "sacrifice" spawns the Greek officer on Thasos.

This is the "Sorrow of War" (yes incorrect name in the quest)

I did the quest on an alt a few weeks ago and it worked just fine for me.

There is one spot where I had to talk to Kratos 2x in a row that was not real clear but all you have to do is look in your voyage log book to see the progress of the quest.

Also it is not a huge deal if you are missing the Helmet... you get the 140 one in the next knights vigil.

You should have gotten the Sacrifice/ sorrow of war BEFORE you went to Crete maze...
it might be possible to spawn the Greek officer and keep going but you NEED to check
your voyage log to make sure the quest is still active.

I am guessing you did not have enough space in your inventory when you completed #4 so check that you got the map, the uniform, and the Sacrifice!
the game may have bugged out if you were unable to receive the items.

- Ele

Posted on 2019-01-30 09:32:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

________ January 30, 2019__________

Hello there
Last night before i go to bed i reached the 3rd trial of Kratos quest... this morning knowing what i had to do i just went to the labyrinth to find the coin. i found it and as i was returning to kratos there was no active quest at all and cant talk to him again. Same happened with 2 other chars i am running at same time... some help?

Thank you in advance

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Posted on 2019-01-30 14:09:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

First are you running old accounts or are these newly created accounts?
(assume they are newly created characters... not ones that were level 2 sitting for years?)
Old accounts have been know to have problems because of the many updates and quest changes.

Things to try:

1) try speaking to Kratos again... it could have been mega lag
(sometimes it takes 60 seconds for the quest to register as complete after you enter the city)

2) Make sure you have empty spaces in all your character and ship tabs.  You will need 4 open spaces in character items.

3) take a screen shot of you and Kratos (so we can see if he has a question mark or exclamation point over his head) and  show any dialogue box he might give.

4) take a screen shot of your voyage log open to "Kratos third test" AND make sure the words show on the right of the voyage log.

5) make sure you have the coin and not just the "sorrow of war/sacrifice" on your character.
Take a screen shot showing the coin on your character.

POST all 3 screen shots here. ( you may have to resize your screen shots to about 70% or about 1300 pixels wide) as max file size allowed is about 2MB=2,049 KB.

PLEASE follow the guide it has pictures of the objects so you know which is which.
2014 - Lvl 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line

- ele

Please first post here so we can see if you are over looking something.

IF it really did mess up you will have to contact support and get a ticket number and send all 3 screen shots to support....
Support is really inconsistent on repairing this quest.
IF they try to compensate you with anything but a reset of quest do not accept it.

A couple of years ago they gave a newbie guild mate compressed provisions instead of resetting the  Kratos 140 quest...
luckily we were able to give him 140 armor helmet and jewels.... but since you have 3 stuck this way... I dont think anyone will be that generous.