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[Discussion] A few questions and comments on the game

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Posted on 2017-08-30 16:06:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

It's been a while since the patch, a lot of changes have been made to the game, but some issues raise questions.
1. Display the number of HP in characters, mobs, ships. If it exceeds 100k, then confusion begins. For so many years, many have already gotten used to it, but personally I still wonder what it can not be remedied)
2. Daily tasks. I already do not remember when they were introduced, but time has passed, and what is given out in reward from them still remains unchanged. The only thing added is the consumable, which allows you to get vouchers to the 15 level of the ship. From the chests, tons of original magnetic ore, as well as moonstone fragments. Those who need magnetic ore can do low-level tasks, why it is now needed in the task level above, is not clear. Fragments of the moonstone now have an exchange for moonstone from the NPC at a price of 15 million. People sell them at a cost of 1-3 million because of assignments in London. Nobody now changes the fragments from NPCs - they either throw them out or simply store them. Maybe you should consider some changes - add more complex daily tasks with more worthy awards, or enter some kind of exchange of resources, for example, the original magnetic ore into fragments of moonstone, and fragments of moonstone in turn to blood rose fragments?
3. New parameters were introduced in the combat system. It is not very clear by what formulas and how some indicators are calculated, and probably this is known only to the Chinese guru, but there are some instances in which, for some unknown reason, not everything works. For example, the parameter is a reaction that increases the critical damage, up to the exponent x3. It became very noticeable in the Golden Tower, and many other places that the new parameter works. But to take Portobello or normal Hurricane, then the reaction parameter does not work at all. This is not a very clear reason. If we take Hurrik, then we can say that this is an old location, where the new attributes do not work. But if you take Portobello, then it's not such an old location, in comparison, for example with Tundra, Bimini, where the reaction works fine, although they appeared much earlier than Portobello. By the way, on the Master Hurricane the reaction works) Maybe, of course, I'm wrong, and the willpower parameter of the mobs is so high that 300 basic reactions do not work on them) But I have doubts

Thank you for attention

Posted on 2017-08-30 16:35:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to see as one of high lvl dailys:

Battled Forest Boss 1 or 2 at lvl 1

Yizhou Pathway Boss 1

and yes pls throw out ms frags and especially original magnetic ore.... but something more usefull in.... dunno low amount of mod stones or general manuals or bronze medals .... even if you put consortia in so we can sell it for 100.000 each to NPC.....

and with low amounts of mod stones or General manuals i mean for example:

(if you put both out MS frags AND original magnetic ore): chance for 1-3 Mod Stones/ General Manuals each chest....

or you leave 1 of the frags in as trash stuff and make 2-4 mod stones/ General Manuals....

or put some consortia in as trash... whatever

Like that you maybe get like 20-30 Manuals or Mod stones if you are lucky from both high dailys....and if you unlucky like 0-6 or so.....and some brs frags and stuff ofc like usally

dont talk about huge amounts... mod stones could be even less than general manuals like 10-15 if lucky..... just that we get something useful again........

and as i said if you not wanna put IM stuff in  just put Consortia in instead of original magnetic ore so we can earn a little silver

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2017-08-30 20:17:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

It has always been like that. We only receive half of the original patches, so not everything gets updated when it should. Asking why is pointless since we won't get an answer.

We all agree that ideally, low level boxes should reward original magnetic ores and moonstone fragments while high level ones should reward bloodrose fragments and serpent stone fragments.

There are a lot of outdated areas in the game. It would be nice to change the rewards in parlo valley instance for example. Make it reward general manuals, modification stones and gulch gold fragments. Since that ini promotes teamwork, this would be great. This is just one of the hundreds of ideas which could drastically improve quality of this game, but unfortunately, no one will listen...