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[Discussion] Things That I wish Changes

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Posted on 2017-08-07 16:43:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

1) Add Major Book back ====> Level 12 Rank 50 gold Major 120.  So add it back to 750 advanced

2)General Cards          ====> French Soldier  a)It is very bad for MMP(most crowded)

                                                                     b)So much waste of time (sometimes 3 4 days you get nothing )

                                                                     c) Need 150 gultch gold for 5th equipment (this is enough slow)
                                =====> High sea Boss  Misses spawn a lot

So can you put the cards In Instances instead of Open Zones?

Posted on 2017-08-07 17:01:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

3) Bug users Get banned for atleast 3month and items they got from bug using will be removed
4) Support Listen to ppl who have easy way to fix bugs so we can have nice enviorement again.
5) new Battleground season

.....about your 2nd point: just buy from players without life who farm like crazy (me for example) instead of waste your time.... that way all profit

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Posted on 2017-08-07 21:18:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Does not that make me no lifer to farm 1b each card and maybe i never get what i want even  i buy 100 cards?

Posted on 2017-08-08 03:10:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

I believe our gm, FOK, forgot to indroduce new thing or was removed for some reason at that time and never implemented. He only realise when next small update comes around that he did not do and adjust currently like removing major book from advance vouchers. Same happened to orange generals, he said was a  big, 1 year later did not fix and released in places where it is very difficult to farm. Why he did not release that 1 year ago if had no i tention in fixing it. Also why about st dues honor/badges and that batlleground or whatever we suppose to get. Why it is still not working?  Are the rewards better than crete?
He should stop making so many changes to the game as we getting worse and worse gaming experience and now ppl starting to leave game again. Seems that he has no interest to make game work properly unless  makes them lose lots IM.
Why we still dont have lvl 80 GT. Is it because it drops materials for 165 gear plus? Is it more convenient to say it is bugged and removed completely and dont fix or only fix with next major update but still dont release. If enough time passes you think players forget about things?  
FOK, can you coment on any of those issues? Why you dont implement certain things. And why we do so littlw damage in 170 instance still?

Posted on 2017-08-08 03:18:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

Main problem atm are the bug users and the poor punishment of them  not that we dont have GT lvl 80 or stuff like that.....

The Places he choose to farm the Cards are totally fine.... the droprate could be adjusted maybe or simply like 1-2 more spawns could be added.... but that's all

But i agree that we could have get those generals 1 year ago. I hope we soon get more Generals that would fix the issue of limited areas of drop.

About the 170 Instance i think the 3rd boss need a nerf, the rest of instance is fine.

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2017-08-08 10:11:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

LaziestGirl said:
Is it more convenient to say it is bugged and removed completely and dont fix or only fix with next major update but still dont release. If enough time passes you think players forget about things? 

The worst part about generals is, that they are still partially bugged. Two skills don't work at all, third one doesn't even exist yet... So it took them a year to partially fix them.

Anyways, to answer your question, yes its just more convenient to say its bugged than to explain how you don't want to add stuff in game cause you wanna see players buy more stuff in IM.

Do you remember when they added event keys in Athens city at GM's stall? Few weeks later, they magically got bugged and could no longer be put on stall. It was never fixed although players had no problems putting keys on stalls.

Do you remember when the Bart NPC became bugged once they realized it gave IG and a good sea charm? It was supposed to be removed for a week or two until it gets fixed, but it took over 3 years for him to appear again, now when both IG and charm are completely useless.

Do I have to keep going?


Posted on 2017-08-08 11:10:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

If this is a suggestions thread about new patch stuff, i would like to add these simple ones:

1) Put General Cards in other Bosses like Hydra or Ghost ship (drop rate in ghost ship according to spawn time and hydra same as actual Sea Boss) at least update the rewards from the TREASURE BAG, getting 1 Compressed provision box or 10k silver coins is wrong
2) Make Tiger Totem NPC exchange Battleground Treasures or Labrinton/Petro Badges or even Consortias for General Manuals & Modification stones (some 5=1)
3) Seville NPC Exchanger (by suburbs door) trade 15 Telances/Olihakan Crystals for 1 Lake Mithryl (backwards as he do now 1 Lake for 8 Telances)
4) Make Tiger Totem NPC or the other by subs door to exchange Dragon Crystal for Rainbow Crystal 1=1 (its optional so will help those who dont need 165 gear materials yet)
5) Fix the coins exchange rate for fragments into stones, 20kk silvers for 1 Blood Rose Stone is too old dated, Moonstones is worse still requires 15kk
6) Release 155 unbinding tool and leave 150 unbinding tool cheaper at Las Palmas NPC so we can exchange 148, fallen and inquisitor gear to alts (exchnage should be 100 SOVs for lvl 120 tool, 500 SOVs for lvl 140 tool and 1k SOVs for 150 tool)
7) Include more ways to get SOVs (ofc), lets say tiger totem exchange for Consortias or City Grapples or Voyage Vouchers (from monthly salary)?  Now SOVs giveaway event from IM is gone so its even harder to get them (check link
8) Update rewards at Voyage Vouchers exchange npc, put some Moostones, Blood Rose Stones, update for new sea auxiliary gears, include Permanent land equipment/belief, include General Manuals and Modification Stones

All or at least most of this changes can be done easily by GM, i think should be considered and if not all, at least some of them would make a good change in the game, making easier to new players to catch up

There is a lot of other stuff to update but to be honest, if none of this is changed why spend more time making suggestions to improve the game if the only person who can fix it ignores the comunity

At least an answer from FOK on these suggestions would show some attention to forum users


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Posted on 2017-08-09 12:53:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

I see FoK is checking forums and having some ideas to improve game... have you checked here yet?

Any1 else like these ideas?  Have other ones??

Forum Mods no highlight or help?


<3 all my fans...  keep it up trying harder boys
Posted on 2017-08-10 07:58:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi to all
I'm now an EX player of this game that sold and quit some time ago that is still checking the forum from time to time to see how are the new patches making it worse.
Before I and 1 really good friend of my quit, we created and developed a way to make money with limited amount of work.
DISCLAIMER: This doesn't involve any bugs, mods or anything else that you forum and chat  fighters consider hacks!!
Since I can bet my PC that this post is gonna be deleted if I say more, whoever is interested contact me through skype: plam559

Posted on 2017-08-31 01:54:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

Suggestions made... any comment from GM??


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