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[Discussion] I have reset the land point ladder.

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Posted on 2017-08-04 04:37:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

any one who cheats the land points will be banned for one day.

Posted on 2017-08-04 05:18:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

The system should update everytime you login so you would not have the problem of player cheating their land battle points even if i can´t get the sense behind that

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Posted on 2017-08-04 07:32:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

FOK can you tell us at which point you consider as cheating/fake as right now no where to know. Is 900k lbk achievable or not for our gears?

Posted on 2017-08-04 07:47:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here's a calculator so you can calculate it yourself.

Take your set, imagine its maxed, imagine you have maxed generals, imagine you have maxed rank and stats, then add all of the stats together and put them into calculator. It will show you if its possible to reach that amount of points.


Posted on 2017-08-04 17:43:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

well then, just after some hours, not even a day, a person goes and abuses the bug, that instance is not meant to be done with a bug, if u cant tank, dont do it, but dont resort to using a bug

plz warn this person or ban him, since before land battle list cleaning this person had 1.2 million points, this is already ridiculous 

this person resides in Magellan and Marco Polo server, also you could check the second person def since that person is also new instance tank that likes to bug defence

Posted on 2017-08-04 20:42:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

You do realize it's quite easy to get 1m+ lbk without using any bugs....?

Posted on 2017-08-04 21:22:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

it sadly dreci.

u don t have experiance for new ins.  so u don t know thats why.

first why people s LBK is so high.

while hit first boss then tanker def is go down or go up.

if def down LBK point stay.

if def up LBK is point is up.

it s first boss buff.

and it automattic work

Posted on 2017-08-04 23:16:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Case in point, I just relogged to 927k land score using nothing but royal guard pet buff and defensive stance before relogging...that's 6 pieces of 165, a 160 axe (barely superior maxed), and a 160 team, not pots, no other buffs or skills, literally just popping on axe, defensive stance, and's not that difficult. To be clear, I'm not defending DD or his abuse of bugs, but I would like to point out that having 900k-1m land points does NOT necessarily mean that person is abusing a bug...

Posted on 2017-08-04 23:38:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

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