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[Discussion] AB-PVP Build theory

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Hello guys!
I am an old player who recently started playing again.
I have always been and AB main and would like you keep it that way, even whit the CP crazyness. My Question to this forum is, as what type an AB is good in PVP these days? Damadge or Tank, and with what weapon? I have seen a few Sword AB's performing very Well in PVP. Thank you in advance for ur reply's :) All build theory's are welcome (for AB)

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Would like to* keep it that way

Posted on 2017-07-14 05:13:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Why no answer ? I see them in game , but I admit none hit hard enough . This could be the trouble . AB with hitter stones and max refines is not even good enough at attack than a TH using a Falch , because proffesion skills are not used for combat , outside of healing.

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There is no answer because there is no answer..........

AB's have been relegated to ALT fodder or for those that enjoy self inflicted pain.

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i am main AB.... your words hurt me

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karma sounds cool.... would prefer some serpent stones though @Dsofa:D

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Member when we had karma to reward players for participating in discussions?

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From what i see, there are 2 good options for being AB on land:
1. Going full tank set - falchion way, DR drills and just being immortal and killing others slowly. But that's the boring option, at least for me.
2. Going tank set with gun, most drills DR, some damage. That sounds way more fun and you can actually kill tanks with the gun skill.

Going hitter AB sounds like a waste, u will get popped before heals even work on you, not to mention heals are reduced on hitter set

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Posted on 2017-07-14 12:04:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

AB is profession that ppl use for fun but it requires lots money investment
you have to play like old man "always holding your back"

this my opinion about AB:

Ab is the profession  that need more use of different setup encountering pvp you main  build gear should be defensive > your main setup should be DR  you could have extra set Db-CRIT, -CRS- if you want to b high end PVPEr you goign to need just more than 1 set- tank set  different way to build towards it,  you might all  +35 belief  you generals  should be build in attack  so you can aim hitters in pvp,  crit setup with hitter neck,  and have the spare neck dr,  the crit resist setup might be toward player that decide to drill reaction when it start working in area that  are not just bgs  3extra charms  3 extra apparatus all of them drilled with crit,DB,  CRS beside your main set witch is DR

the idea is you you wont get high dmg and you could heal your self  to survive with other set that are not dr.... you should use falchion even you profession  is gunner  you should use falch your main weapon should be falch you wont be good at aiming ,multiple number player but you can aim one by one  and do good  since you using  defensive  remember  you need DR set  full dr set general equipment with DR stats  having an extra neck with  hitter neck  and extra ring beside your profession gear ring and welkings ring DR have and extra spare set ring for db or crit  have lvl1-2-3 gem processors

the highest dr or damage reduce you can have so you can tank player and stay alive
you cant compare you fastest heal by cold down witch is fast heal with tornado and that is the reason why you need  your tank set, never use it the armor skill specially in mass pvp power slash during those 5 sec  and  after it run out you will meltdown  like coconut failing from tree, when is 1vs1 always use the SOS as alst resource to deal extra dmg don't pop it at beginning of fight  unless your using some mixed set with improve your dmg.

this is suppose to be your build

unless you have SP extra set that should be your build
First Aid
Fast Healing
Prior restriction
1point wound or rapid fire or SP
Group Healing
Medical knowledge
revival optional>
Intrpidess2-3 without revival
or Guard

NOW SB wise AB is probably the best profession in 1vs1  AB buffs  can reduce up too 45% DMG on hull sailors and sail making player  in SB able to pair with RMO and CP unless RMO have cannon reserve hit witch is once every 10mins

making ab one of the strong profession for SB.

here the build:

Additional Armor
Medical Room
Sail Enhancement
Ship's Hull Enhancement
Sailor Enhancement
Strengthen the Ship