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[Discussion] FUNOKING -LAG issues are ruining the future of this game

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The PING in-game was more of less always the same to me over the years, and i move between 2 countries all the time. Sure it shows average 500 or whatever in-game which sounds unplayable but it's normal, nothing to worry about at least.
You can see in my videos how it looks, sure takes a lil time to change weapons, move character and so on.. but no biggie 
As i already suggested to Nef, check your ping between you and the server location. Your country is well know for its ping issues.
VCO has huge lag spikes which happen once in a while, like while Cretes or Ares events, but to say vco is unplayable ALL THE TIME because of lag ? Far from it. Talk to your ISP or change to something better. As i said, test your ping at first.

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I used VPN ,or I faced lag too

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well 3 weeks ago during euro ares event I ve lost my toon control and suddenly I ve found my toon at Istanbul dock. I was in Blue team and I was on winner side. I waited till end of event and checked my prize. and ofc there was no prize. and I wrote to IGG and they replied to me I ve been disconnected so no prize :) Strange thing only one toon had this problem and I have running  5 toons on my other pc.  During last ares euro event I died once and I couldnt get up till the end of first round because of 900 ms ping :) Anyway if something happens to your toon during events because of lag issue,keep that in your mind IGG is not responsible of it. So do not bother yourself to ask.

 Ps: last nite I logged on to other version to check something and I saw greenlight on my connection status:)  80 ms ping :D

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