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[Discussion] igg points shuting down

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Posted on 2017-06-16 09:22:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Still this topic not clear enough since FOK says we can exchange igg points to vco points anytime. But in site it says different. So which one is true totally important Fok find a translator and make a good translation thanks

My lil boy keep try to run away from me <3
Posted on 2017-06-16 09:37:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

What is not clear??

from FOK;
"update now.

the news may lead to misunderstanding.

u can still exchange VC Points with IGG Points .

but you can't buy the IGG Points since next Monday."


I think Fok means;
you can still buy VCO points (directly)at any are just not buying a "points card"

Will IGG throw away your already bought IGG points... no.. but there will be no way to add to them.

obviously the points purchase page has not been updated in a while... there is not even a notice that it is closing.  And, it still says it gives IGG Gems.... so that part is a bit confusing.

A smart person would just hold off on buying any points for the next week or 2.
And would exchange them now if you want an extra reward.
It is doubtful they will offer extra rewards again (using IGG points)... Fok may create another system but more than likely if you wait until after the 19th to exchange... you will have to deal with/go through dead support and you will not get extra rewards.

Below is the closure announcement and below that is the last chance you have to exchange your points.
" shutting down on June 19 0:00 GMT-5"

Note the exchange reward end time is about 1 minute before IGG points system shuts down.
"Event Duration:
1:01am, June 16th 
to 11:59pm, June 18th EST(GMT-5)
Please note that all rewards will be charged into your account before June21st."


Here is the VCO news announcement (they took away the initial one with wrong date & time):

Purchasing IGG Points Card System Shutdown Notice!(Update)

Jun 15, 2017

Dear players,
IGG Points exchange will be shutting down on June 19 0:00 GMT-5. Thank you for your support and understanding.
NOTE: The Exchange System is still running. You can exchange VC points with IGG Points.


Special Offer Voucher Giveaway(June 16 - 18)

Jun 16, 2017

With the Special Offer Voucher Giveaway event over, we have heard that there are still tons of players going crazy about it. To keep the jolly moment for your whole sailing journey, we are pleased to announce that the "Special Offer Voucher Giveaway" will be open again. And this time, we will make this event to be extended for longer then ever! Also, we hope the vouchers can help you to get the event keys in game easier.
Event Details
At any time during the event, if you exchange IGG Points for VC Points or directly purchase VC Points, you will also obtain the same amount of rewards in Special Offer Vouchers! For instance, exchanging for 100 VC Points or directly purchase 100 VC Points will earn you 100 Special Offer Vouchers.
There's MORE!
Points ChargedRewards 
1,000-2,999550 General Manual   
3,000-4,9992 Gold Faith Update Card and
1250 General Manual
5,000- 9,999 The following items can only be obtained through an exchange with a GM using Gold Credit.
The amount of Gold Credit required for the exchange is provided in the brackets. 
Player Choice -
Michael's Muster or Ward of Lafayerte  (Michael's Muster and Ward of Lafayerte can only be obtained through an exchange with a GM using a Ptolemy's Satellite (Permanent) or Hadley's Octant (Permanent) or Micanzo's Thorn
or Horn of Raymist. All Holes and Stones in the equipment will be transferred onto the new equipment after the trade. )
or Hadley's Octant(permanent)
or Olympus Ridge
or Modification Stone *800
or 3000 General Manual 
or Blazingflame Cannon*500
or Cannon Control Device(200)
or Mithril Alloy Armor
or Gold Faith Update Card * 7
or (NEW)Sword of Thousand Roars
or Cursed Huge Immortal Head
or Quick Repair Device(100)
or Ruler's Glory
or Pirate King Certificate 
or Spirit's Regret
or Shockwave Guard
or Fashion Mogul Charm
or Hollowness (Overlord's)
or Sylvan Brambles (Permanent) 
or Giant Horn(Permanent) 
or Hydra Head-Scorching Fire
(choose one)
10,000-14,99910 Gold Faith Update Card and
1600  General Manual
Player Choice -
The following items can only be obtained through an exchange with a GM using Gold Credit.
The amount of Gold Credit required for the exchange is provided in the brackets.
Dragon Scale Charm
or Michael's Muster 
or Ward of Lafayerte
or Royal Flaghip 
or Devil Pirate 
or Expedition Military Will - Blood thirst
or Tide(Permanent)
or Blazingflame Cannon*1000   
or Expedition Military Will - Steadiness
or Expedition Military Will - Persistence
or Quick Heal Device
or Billow (Permanent)
or Shadowsong (Permanent)
or Hellraiser(Overlord's)
or the Hydra's Huge Undead Head
or Permanent Cannon Gem Enhancement Tool(Level 3)
or 1 Magnate Charm
or Permanent Gem Process Machine (Level 3)
or Modification Stone *1200
or General Manual *5000
15,000-19,99915 Gold Faith Update Card and
2000 General Manual
Player Choice - 
or Olympus Shield
or Expedition Military Will - Fighting Desire
or Attribute Transfer Item*9
or Modification Stone *2400
or General Manual *10000
(choose one)
20,000 or more1*Rank Name Modifier
25 Gold Faith Update Card and
3500 General Manual
Player Choice -
The following items can only be obtained through an exchange with a GM using Gold Credit.
The amount of Gold Credit required for the exchange is provided in the brackets.
 Attribute Transfer Item*12 
or Modification Stone *3600
or General Manual *15000
(choose one)

Note: The above is calculated based on the total amount of Points purchased during the event period. Each account is only During the event, make an according purchase of Points to qualify for the above rewards
IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules, as well as the right to amend or remove any and all rules, restrictions 
without prior notice.
limited to ONE such reward above, so be sure to consider carefully before making the purchase!
Event Duration:
1:01am, June 16th to 11:59pm, June 18th EST(GMT-5)
Please note that all rewards will be charged into your account before June21st.
After you have chosen your "Choose One" reward, contact us to get it!
VC Service Center :
Rewards for Gold Credit events (All rewards in the list are final):

                  Dragon Scale Charm

Billow (Permanent): Increases your Cannon Hit Accuracy by 20 and your teammembers Cannon Hit Accuracy by 10 after use.
Shadowsong (Permanent): Increases your ship's Dodge Rating by 20 and your teammembers ship's Dodge by 10 after use.



Posted on 2017-06-16 10:09:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

well, ive been buying IM from players since day 1, little by little, 1k here, 1k there, and always tried to get igg points so that i can colect and exchange 20 000 IM for example and get some of the rewards that come with it.
NOW, that being said, i have a certain amount of IM on my account at the moment, not close to 20 000. i cant seem to find enough sellers in the 3 days to buy the rest that im missing, so, tell me, how is this not scaming me out of my money?
i bought the points that you are gonna ''block'' now and i cant  colect extra to get the reward i wanted / needed.
how about i get a refund for the points?

Posted on 2017-06-16 11:10:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

the point what i mean was if that new payment system be like spend 20k IM during 3 days and get rewards wont be good. because as i said many time u cant always find what u need on IM
And some people missunderstand what i wrote or thought wrong about that IGG Points close update on main page.
i didint said game will close, what i point was;
 if it still be like buy 20k VCO during 3 days also wont be good only few can do it so that will bring end of the pc games. And FOK wrote some info we can say event wont be same. It looks like first option but we'll see...

So i hope this new payment sytem will be good for everyone

Posted on 2017-06-16 17:27:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

the only part i like about this they will screw silver_master business xd

Posted on 2017-06-17 13:56:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is a thought....

The 2nd post of this thread mentions that the initial announcement said shut down in 3 months....

I would hypothesize that they are removing the ability to PURCHASE IGG points on the 19th but will keep the web site up for 3 months so that people can still exchange their points.
Also IGG WANTS your money so they will have to have a way to allow dirrect VCO point purchases ... so they will probably need the IGG mall site to stay open for a little while.

Wish i had seen that first announcement so I knew dates.

Guess we will find out for sure Monday.


I had forgotten I played one of IGG's browser games; Wings of Destiny
I would not be surprised if soon they just re-direct us to a similar page.

FYI their (WoD) customer support is EXACTLY the same email support we currently have for VCO.

I am including a screen shot of the pay/ purchase IM page so you can see the payment methods that we will probably have.

Note: when I change Countries the only thing that changes is the acceptable "Skrill" payment methods... and they all say US dollars... even when I change countries.
The 8 ways to pay LOOK like they have a pull down to choose currency type.. but only 2 (PayPal and MOL points) pulled down,  and they only gave a 2nd option of "PHP".




I AM NOT saying we will get this....
this is just for comparison to what other IGG games have.

- Ele