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[Discussion] [Version 0.122] Patch notes

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During the last maintenance (2016-08-23), we received a new patch. It updated our game version from 0.120 to 0.122. We did not receive any patch notes, so we don't know what changes have been made.

Please use this thread to report changes made in newly released version 0.122. I will add them to this post. Thank you.

What's new

* Treasure Exchange Commissioner in Seville Port [85.0 / 1.0]. It has whole bunch of useful stuff and it asks for Treasure Redeemed Vouchers. Treasure Vouchers come from tasks below.
* Request storyline ( Repeatable daily task which gives 50 Gulch-Gold Fragments, 50 General Manuals and a whole bunch of items required Honored Officer rank (Petro Badges, Labrinton Badges, Consortia Awards...). It can also reward Treasure Vouchers used at Treasure Exchange Commissioner.
* Rare Treasure storyline ( Gives whole bunch of useful items like 500 Modification Stones, 500 General Manuals, Gulch-Gold Fragments, whole bunch of Treasure Vouchers... Can only be done once.
* Strife of Europe PvP event (
* 50 Gulch-Gold Fragments can be exchanged for 1 Gulch-Gold at Seville Material Exchanger.
* Valentine Envoy Storyline has returned (
* Whole bunch of new items added to the game, but they are not available yet. They will probably be available in item mall at some point. Some of them are listed below.

Torrent Squall

Stars and Stripes Charm

Fallen Waltz

Don't know how this one looks like, post an image if you have.


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"Treasure Exchange Commissioner in Seville Port [85.0 / 1.0]. It has whole bunch of useful stuff and it asks for Treasure Redeemed Vouchers. We still don't know how to obtain these vouchers."

you get some at the jamestown quests(which or only once) and then from the new dayly ones from london. When you complete them you get a box as a reward, you open it, there is a chance of getting common and advance. Not always the advanced

Also the santa is there again but buged, you can give the timber but after that it asks you for 5 large cabinets, 1 low level healing potion, and First aid kit. Helling potions he dont recognise that you have them on you, and the First aid kit i think its only IM 

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i find bug jewels on generals have german language description

Mov Columbus
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The changes are my asus laptop would not upgrade and will not even reinstall.
 he other two had no problem.
 My alts in the mines seem to not care.

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Sea mermaids were removed (bug?).  Business cards changed price from 50k to 200k each and moved to a different in-game item mall tab.