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[Discussion] Twitch Event

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Posted on 2016-05-12 08:22:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

** This is a very old thread that got (likely) spam bumped 4/23/2022
- Ele


Well i can understand your problems with showing stats/ strategy.
But if for example like ledhed gave as an idea make some fake siege for Twitch event you will not have any problems with showing strategy. Also in those fake siege(s) you could for example use older gear or alts in 120 gear or so would be funny though i guess:D .

Also you can put in delay between some seconds and some minutes so that would be in real siege no issue too. You can hide chat,Stats,cannon Balls and generals very easy so even that is no problem at all.

Best would be for a twitch event maybe stream some fake siege at each server and/ or 1 Crete and some BG runs  as example.....usally if you have many viewers who not know that game they ask questions about the game and you can explain lots of shit and make it interesting even while you run HI. You could also show life in Arena PvP or Instances the advantages and disadvantages of different classes and profession skill tree's.

in general if you wanna keep streaming nice content for VCO best would be probably a fix Schedule where you stream e.g. Thursday 06:00pm-09:00pm   Saturday 02:00pm-08:00pm   Monday 06:00-09:00pm  and just keep talking/having nice chat with your viewers and show them the stuff you do daily in the game + some crete or BG which bring some more action in and ofc answer questions..... and while you do that as i said you can hide your stats and generals and hide the chat as well if you want too... (you can for example put twitch chat over the ingame chat or  a simple black box).

Of course i dunno how Twitch event or especially permanent Streaming of VCO will be watched by the Community but since even games like Rust and other old or half done MMO have 500-1000 Viewer i think that should be no problem since VCO usally should have more potenial and even 500-1000 viewer total on different VCO Stream channels would be like amount of players we maximum have atm so if even half of viewer would try the game out we would have 250-500 new players....;)

Edit: Maybe it would be also interesting for all this Stuff around make more PVP with rewards (like crete and BG) and make game more interesting for streaming    to introduce finally the Solo and Team Arenas in athens port. The NPC's for that are there for dunno how many years but i think never activated.... now would be good time;)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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Wow this turned sides real fast, people can counter  stats that fast because none of you use Im all  only in game currency an we all know how hard that is to get .  Also I think your all just worried coz you wouldn't be able to use bugs to win is more likley what's the point of showing on YouTube if you're just photos hopping stats to miss represent or make quality so bad no one could read. If you're just going to blank out things coz God forbid helping just get good is it? Well that's both eventown the drain let's push for God mode then everyone else can pvp too

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this twitch event you actually think will promote the game? lol doubt it ...
first it has to come from IGG dealing with cheaters, fixing the bugs,  and actually give promotion to  the game something they not willing to do, a group player wont be able to accomplish nothing that have 50 more player per week and than they leave, look at that quest story line that don't work properly ppl get stuck in Seville, how about igg service you claim reward from IM cap jackpot cause you think is trade able to pass to your alt lol is it not, but the web page where show the reward dont say it, is it unreal IGG send the reward bound to you acc so you have to buy unbind tool  not free reward lol, there no service for player in this game  you lose item you have to pay  IM to get it back, even when was game bug, web IM page is totally outdated ppl will buy stuff they don't need  and get mad claim is scam,  is that the game you actually want to promote? this wont bring more player it will bring more spam on forums and that is it ppl will quit, it sound great the twitch event but lest bring the reality of the stuff to the table. And when they see those huge IM players killing them in 1hits  most of them see the amount of  IM you have to do to get those items  they will be like fk you and quit. and go to cheaper version, like most of the player been doing for the pass couple of years or go play something for free.

For actually this game be something could attract players  IGG has to do something from the bases it mean BUGS ,cheater and ofc the most important service player that are paying his money not get service  go ask me why dasnewb the original player quit is cause LS  went off and he had point you taking service away from player that pay lots of money there no more point on playing it player that probably have spent 30 grands in this game or more? you ticket service is too slow, but for some player is not enough, rather spent money here as hooby he would spent on his family business witch is more important, this is an example of of many cases of heavy spender quiting just cause of the lack service,bug or cheating there not actually a proper protocol from IGG 500 player playing this game  in each server than IGG will need new server cause lagg will be unstoppable amazing lol those that remember mmp when it was just merged magellan  and marco polo server there was over 400player playing at same time or more and the lag they could not even move and lots of quiting  who of you will bring all that ppl here the twitch  will bring all these player here hope so but i hardly doubt they stay longer than 2weeks.

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Make a livestream where mods and gms sail and run around and drop stuff randomly in the world. you gotta watch the stream to find out where. (can also be done automaticly such as mob spawns).
Have a trivia bot asking question. every correct answer give points. ppl can use points to unlock hints for hidden secrets all over vco world (like big prices) and every time a big price is found do a give away where a random viewer gets a price in his prizetaking (bloodrose frags, ...)

I can help with setting up twitch. i'm a mod at lirik, summit1g, voyboy, nightblue3 and got some streaming experience myself from back in the days when i played counterstrike "profesionnaly"

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Players promote and get more people for a long list of games I play .

 I started this this youtube promo . 
 Why "ledhed do you do this " ? < Because those other games are HUGE as players sell them more than any promo dollars.
 I am in promotions as a business person after I left Philadelphia Sheriff's Dept due to " politics " , this was in the LATE 1980 's , before the Sheriff's I was a Finance company manager of a branch . I sold LOANS , I worked after Sheriff's to learn Carpentry better as I did it when my dad owned a Building company .
 You can find my companies I own STILL , Eastern Energy Services and Artisan Builders . I can no longer Run these as they need be run . So I keep them for my family .
 With EES I became for SEARS in USA the Marketing Director for the East Coast ( Atlantic ) Region . Ok not selling games but FRANCHISING , I sold other people a duct cleaning and heating and A/c service Franchise under SEARS banner , you can also find this on GOOGLE I would guess . Since I was not in public domain you will not find ME , except maybe for CATCH inc. Where I provided Security for mentally ill persons that were under constant threat and at times were threats themselves . They are the reason my back was broken after a lunch room riot . 
 Selling them the idea ONE Man could control them and protect them in that neighborhood was my best sales job EVER . It kept both me and THEM alive .
 I have for 11 years run promotions all over the USA with my Energy company and six of them I was contracted to SEARS . Companies that big at the time , did not hire idiots or fools , to " represent their business . I have made many millions in USD for other people with my sales and marketing ability . I have provided a nice easy income for myself , even after injuries from my jobs force me to be judged " disabled " and now get a nice check every month . 
 You need to know the person behind this keyboard .
 I am in gaming since ATARI first came out . I also was a huge fan of having a party lifestyle as I am a TRUE " YOLO " before they invent that term .
 I am what most would call " type A " so even with gaming I turn it into a business , I can't HELP doing this . I got into Mod community because games I buy are broken and won't work . I do not believe in complaining to the idiots that sell broken games as they KNOW they are broken as rule and put them in our hands anyway . In GT3 and Pirates Ahoy and other Forums I find like minded people who like to " do something about it " .
 So we take the games and make them work and also improved them . Sometime with blessing and even help from the developer . WE took POTCB and made a new game that WORKS and has been improved for years .
 My hobbies , Drinking and shooting and games , all had some " marketing aspect " I used drinking to network and get clients plastered so they talk freely . I met and was sponsored by manufacturers reps in competitive shooting .  It helped pay for very expensive " sport/ competition " , that required practice every day and ammo plus range time , before the event each week . So drinking and sponsors are starting to show how I use and recognise SYNERGISM , I use my gaming time to think and relax .
 My other main hobby and life study , is History . Games actually do have content that if taken in context , mesh with pursuit of history or facts and events plus geography , or equipment and such . 
 Think of how I am thinking all the time , everything I do is all related somehow to other things I do .
 I have had to remove my constant life pursuit of the ultimate party , because if did not I would just be dead.
 But other than that , I keep the rest .
 I now have two things to focus on aside from staying alive . GAMES and History , with my shooting now reduced to relaxing activity as I teach now not compete .

 I layed it all on the table .
 I have years of working with game developers and designers .
 Many years of game promotions and research for promotions so to target a demographic and market projects correctly .
 I know VCO is a flawed product and it is not RELEVANT . VCO exist in a field of other games all with similar or worse issues . You can and should do what canbe done to fix the game , but this has nothing to do with promotions andfinding new players .
 New players allow for more " influence" over the people making decisions on the game.
 If you are just typing about these problems and buying points and sending complaints to all e-mail contacts , you have minimal influence on the company .
 Now group up and form a promotion team and bring in players , and you have opened new doors and also have the attention of those wit he power to make changes.
 Use this group  to provide players  / income .stream for the target company or developer and you suddenly find you have ears that will listen. because you now have leverage . When you speak you do so from a strong position .
 This is called " forward thinking " , if you want gamechanges and service and anything on your list , you can and must set this goal , then make plans to achieve the goal .
 promotion helps you influence . It is the KEY to the castle.
 When you start showing results , you are welcomed and have the EAR you need .
 Snail games also can SEE your results and they become open to you.
 I have done this before with IGG before professions patch .
 What I have done lately is NOTHING . I sat back and refined my craft ,learned new tec , bought new tec , kept my foot barely in the water and LEARNED ,I study trends in gaming and advancing tec and the changes in games to adjust to new attitudes and a new growing market in what we used to call , " the third world " .
 I put much on this page to read and absorb .
 I am without doubt qualified for this " promotion " activity . I am also 57 years old and have issues that limit me .
 But it allows me to CHOOSE when and where to fight my battles .
 I was silent and inactive with VCO for very good reasons , as they left us to hang while they decided if our game was something they wanted to " keep " .
 My only goal then was keep our assets like this excellent Mod staff together and hold the game together as much as a forum mod staff could contribute , as I watched every single IGG staff member I worked with for years , leave or be eliminated.
 IGG has decided and we are now considered " Viable " .
 I am given some access and have ow ability to promote and pay a decent " reward " for players efforts .
 Do you want service and changes and bug fixes ?
 Then jump on the train and pull VCO out of the mud and help grow it .
 Show POWER not weakness and they MUST respond to you .
 You will as a player community have this power by " showing " you can influence , the growth of VCO and it' BANK account . 
  Lots of words to say this one thing .
 Always negotiate from a position of strength .

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Wenn ich eine solche Gelegenheit hätte, würde ich sie ergreifen, weil es Ihre Zukunft sehr gut beeinflussen kann.


If I had such an opportunity, I would take it because it can affect your future very well.

(google translate)


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2017 it all helped give me a stroke .
But I keep fighting because the people are playing and keeping the game on a server . I refuse to believe that my efforts and especially mod team and others, have been fruitless .
Enjoy playing this flàwed but essentially wonderful game .