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[Discussion] Twitch Event

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Posted on 2016-05-11 10:15:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

I need idea's , I was offered a *" huge huge huge " , THEIR words , prize if I run  a twitch TV event ...

 Anyone have idea's ?

 * ( he said big big big actually ) .

Posted on 2016-05-11 11:38:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

** This is a very old thread that got (likely) spam bumped 4/23/2022

sry can't edit Led's posts due to permission levels.  - Ele

well be more specific what for you would be twitch event.... everyone who stream get something?  or The one who have most viewers? or what?  how long will the livestream be? Or do you want to make a offical IGG channel and host during the event some different channel for some hours each  12hrs long and everyone who get hosted by you (you decide by quality of content or so) will receive an award?

cause depending on that  it is different...if it is simple like stream minimum 30min the game at day xy between xy time and yz time   than a huge huge huge reward would be for example 1000IGG Points. If it is more like you must stream and have so good quality that offical stream from IGG host you and than you must stream 3hrs+ than it should be something more....

so first maybe think about a concept and than we can tell you. Probably a IGG points event would be good so for example sea player ,land player, "noobs" and high end player can decide on their own what is best for them....otherwise i suggest as at video event that player can choose out of 2 or 3 options.

Kind Regards

P.S. if you need some more ideas/infos about twitch feel free send me MEssage ledhed(dunno how deep you guys into it).

Edit:  The afford and time you need to spend for a livestream on twitch can vary very much thats why you should first give some more details:)  but i like where this all is going....VCO best game;)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2016-05-11 11:45:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Live steaming is dangerous at some point involving sieges specially  or Crete siege your enemy have another screen watching everything you do and just counter it  lol  video way is more doable cause ppl could edit  like their cannon shoot their stats and play with the mind of their enemies like killerondrugs did on his  video of pvp before lol.

Like  you spawn  on the ms  and now everyone see where MS standing at lol you forget is  uploading connection so you'll be uploading 100% of times it cause lag and ect ect ect... and not all will be able to join it only ppl with high speed connection witch 30% of the world.

Posted on 2016-05-11 12:49:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sounds like it's time to make 72h stream of leveling new toon 1-160 ? I bet a lot of people are interested to see this.

Posted on 2016-05-11 20:07:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

I asked for IDEA'S , because I KNOW it will be hard .

 I have twitch account and watch games before I buy them or check them out , or just support a friends channel.
 This is all I know about Twitch . Now I can be a hard head and do some research and make an event that will fail , because I think I know everything , or ask around .
 I decided , " better ask around " .
 Not being a total idiot < I already know from WoT they use twitch stream to advantage in play . So I would NOT suggest a siege.

 I would start with BG . EVEN if shows the bad along with good . It would be best if someone already did live streaming and just added VCO . 
 I could watch the stream and decide , I have many years in games and mod community for games and as a bedbug here in VCO .
 I do know ONE thing is certain . It is time consuming . And some people doing Twitch streaming should be in a hospital being neutered or something. ( ok TWO things ) .

 I could do it for a month with players giving me times , depending on how many players involved and the quality of the stream , It may be worth it to just award one or two streamers ( hint -hint ) as VCO public streamers , or IGG press club, or something I can think of when I have better meds.

 It is a NEW idea , and not thought out well . I need go watch more idiots to find some good ones . And explore twitch a bit. hell I may stream and play ledzep , while I torture my cats . I bet I get views AFK doing that .

Posted on 2016-05-12 05:39:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

i have an idea..

Live streaming is can show ur detal stats and ur tip to fight to other side people. so it s not good

so how about this..?

LS make video file for all server of crete battle  and siege 

and uploard to forum then all player can watch.

and make 1 best soldier then give him some reward.

it can make player smile or laugh and funny

we need more solution..  people quitting why? cuz bored game.

Posted on 2016-05-12 07:28:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

We can't upload a stream in this format .

Posted on 2016-05-12 07:37:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

A -Use alts and team with active guilds to stream BATTLEGROUND .
 Now we complain " you see my alts stats " ?
 Every objection or hurdle can be overcome ,especially if prize is worth it .
 As was mentioned by others they use gem processor to change stats in two seconds .
 Most everyone already fights SAME guys 30x already unless they are brain dead they know strategy already .
 Sieges unless done for everyone and by an agreement on the server so it is a big free for all , Are pointless as a stream that last four minutes will not win. Ok maybe six minutes .
 We are supposed to be finding a way to allow this , not all reasons why it won't be done.
 I was offered a big prize to give out . I did NOT bring up twitch stream , someone else did . I already know how much work it is . 
 FOK must watch twitch as he got all excited and said Big big big prize for twitch not me .

 LOL - I love this job .

 Someone shoot me . Maybe we can stream this . Bet it gets 2 million views .

Posted on 2016-05-12 07:38:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

not streming

capture siege or crete and anytime can uploard or link.

Posted on 2016-05-12 07:50:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes we have a Youtube event for this , the prizes are general cards or Golden faiths.
 Youtube is easy enough , make video show info to mods . we vote .
 Same as all other events But wrong thread , this one is for twitch because someone got excited about having a twitch event .
 It seems from results he is only one aside from maybe two players interested.