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[Discussion] the good event is the one that 40%-60% players can complete

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Please note this is an OLD bumped thread... started in 2014
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If you have to go for a fighting event then yes, dragons is a good one.

The reward is something the whole server can enjoy and it encourages everyone to participate in killing.

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a Bar-b-q would be great maybe 80 % of people would show up

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Original posted by funofking at 2014-8-21 18:50
thx for reply
about the exploration ,it depends on how good ur computer is ,u can log on many characters at same time.

same with fighting events. I can log in 4 alts and team them with my main and have main go kill the monster...alts get credit so long as they are in the area, dead or not.

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surely the best event is something that takes a little of all the things that make a multiplayer game worth playing ...say a team event where players have to search for a certain object , a scroll or something like the eastern chart ...that then sends the team off to some point rarely explored on map.. like america or antartic expanses which are woefully unused on here , they have to battle through an offshore and get another item before hitting land and getting a boss ...kill the boss and voila something like that caters for every player on here ....skill balancing is done by mixing land and sea players more effectively than by having separate events ....and the only limit is you guys creativity at constructing something challenging enough with all branches of vco thrown into it

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little bump

so if it is easy maybe create new boss? how about Dragon Max in Seville Suburb? :)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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tiger mantos

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OK about the bosses dificulty but what about rewards?
Most of the times the rewards are things we do not need any more .
For excample from Masters Harricane Cave we take Storm Chaser Cards but the NPC gives nothing that can be used by a player who can do this Masters. Pls do something about it .

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obviously pvp is not uinteresting to all players so you need to make it quest based or in a pve environment that NO tasked player or city owner can abuse, u often try this kind of ideas n then overlook basic understandings like the above examples of manipulation.