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[Discussion] Captain Sawyer not able to re-join Columbus mates

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I was one of the first to sign up for this game when it was still in test..I've played many years on Columbus server...been livin in the hicks for the past few years with no internet so couldn't I get an e-mail inviting me back to the game with my old char.....but ,well, I can't remember the the link they sent me to reset it comes up "Invalid URL".  If there is someone out there who can pass along my problem to IGG cuz there is no way for me to contact IGG.   

"How To (NOT)Contact IGG Support"  

IGG Main Service site  -   HAVE TO LOG IN...DAAAA!...I DON'T HAVE A PASSWORD...
VCO support Service (submit a email "form")   -   AGAIN...GOTTA LOGIN...
IGG VIP Live Support Chat   -    YEP...GOTTA LOGIN...AND I WAS A VIP TO BOOT  LOL...  
VCO In game GM Character   -  DON'T THINK I'LL BOTHER
Live Support Chat   -   LOGIN!  OH AND "Not Available for Game issues , payment issues only"
VCO GM Email Address "(Doubtful they will answer but you can try)"
                                                                      -  I TRIED.....THEY DIDN'T ANSWER...
Well, whatever...just wanted to sail with my char again and with the ships I built up to level 12 the "old school" way, not out of some cracker box prize.  A fair wind mates!  I guess I won't be seein' you all again...have fun ..

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spend an hour or 2 and your new character will be stronger then your old one. Seriously, old characters are obsolete.

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As you have already done (so you could post here)....
Create a new account with a new address...
then you can TRY to contact email support if you REALLY want your now pretty much obsolete character back.
Unfortunately , support has always been a problem with this game and now... Live support is only for VIP level 3.

(warning; some people are having trouble with IGG accepting email addresses... I had problems with Google mail and had to use a very simple all lowercase address/name with a different mail provider)

You now can get to level 140 with free 140 equipment in a day or 2.
A level 10 ship is a beginning player ship now...
plus new players get a lot of little extras to help them level faster.
so as suggested above, I would just make a new character and play it.

- Ele

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I E- Mail IGG . Contact us address.
Then list issues.
It takes time but you get results. I take meeds that mess up my memory.
So they get lots of E mails, often duplicates because I forget I e mail them.
Lyrica side effects are brutal.

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as an experiment I went to the vco main page and clicked the login part at the very top right.  When it the next window popped up I said forgot password.  
That sent me an email with a link.  
I clicked the link and it sent me to the page I reset my password  
I reset my password and now I have a new password.
Maybe you should try getting a new link or try opening the link they send you in a different internet browser.