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[Discussion] Some game sugestions

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Posted on 2014-03-07 16:21:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

So I have played Wow for like 5-6 years and as you might now that is a great MMORPG and has a big community but I got tired of it and wanted to get back to Voyage Century but there are a few things that I think could help this game improve.

First. I’m by no means any Voyage Veteran. I’m level 144 with 140 gear. I do the easy dailies. So take my opinion with that in mind.

1st: To much Randomness

There is too much RNG in this game (Randomness)
Creating maps, Refining, etc…
Solution: Higher cost on Maps with 100% change for that level. Refining chance increased (more on that in the next topic)

2nd: Refining Overhaul

In my opinion Refining needs a complete overhaul. There are too much Refines and too much levels and too much Randomness.
For a newcomer it is very hard to get around it.
Solution: I think there should be only one Refine for every level of Gear of each kind. And it would have to be equal in terms of Design.
Level 120 gear refine for ATTACK on Weapon – 50% chance of +1, 50% of 0 with max of “X”
Level 140 gear refine for ATTACK on Weapon – 50% chance of +1, 50% of 0 with max of “Y”
Level 145 gear refine for ATTACK on Weapon – 50% chance of +1, 50% of 0 with max of “Z”
Etc... All the way to 160.
Every different stat Refining “stone” should be treated like this. In regards to balance +1 should be changed according to the appropriate stat as should X, Y, Z, etc…

3rd: Improving Gap

There is a huge gap (especially on Sea Battle instances) after hitting level 140.
What keeps players playing the game is the opportunity to get better. To improve somehow. As the game is now you improve so much in the beginning until level 140 and then everything becomes hard. You have to farm those easy instances every day to end up improving very little each day if at all.
Solution: The Main quest should be revised. Improve monsters power so that it’s actually a challenge to do the main quest and it takes a little longer to get more powerful so it’s not a big difference when you get to level 140+. At level 140 increase the drop rate for low level refines and add more varied drops for Sea battle instances. Maltese Defensive War should be nerfed. It’s a HUGE gap between North Sea Instance and MDW.

Harder Main Quest -> More low level Refines and more Variety from North Sea instance -> Maltese Defensive War nerfed.

4th: Increase Social gameplay

Had a looking for group channel (worldwide)/ Better Rewards for grouped instances
Pretty easy to understand. The Public chat is used for selling mostly. Remove Newbie maybe. Barely used. No one answers.
Encourage high level characters for helping lower level guild mates / non-guild mates by rewarding them with Refines / Materials for their appropriate level.

5th: Gear Production improvements

Add other ways to get crucial items for gear improvements aside from the Item Mall
For example Coral can only be obtained through passport. Add another way to get them without needing to buy a passport from IM/another player even if the chances are lower.

6th: Subscription Model

Add a subscription options where if you want could pay like 15 USD a month for some rewards:
SOVs, Credits, Gold Credits, Live Support, Few High Level Refines, Open Full Bank as long as you are subscribed, etc…

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Posted on 2014-03-07 16:52:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

meh i can see ur kinda lazy m8 ... doesnt wanna learn the game at all ..

there are many refines coz they all are different, different rates, and max values, meant for different people (who likes to refine by luck, who goes for 100% ones etc)

Randomness adds smth to do in the game rather than grind all day long same stuff ..

Also North Sea instance is for noobies ... Malta not so much, it requiers already a game knowledge and some pimped items, so dont yet go there if ur not strong enough ..

and Coral to IM ... why .. it would just ruin the game a bit more .. people dont play at all, get stuff done with IM in 1 week and then they end up like u, lazy and have no clue what to do in the game and how to do stuff ...

Posted on 2014-03-07 18:40:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

So first of all on the Coral thing you got me wrong. I was saying that Coral should drop in the world not just is passport areas

So yeah you are right North Sea is for noobs but to be able to do Maltese Defense War you need to pimp you FH like crazy and your Sea Equipment with things that do not drop from the easier instances. That's just counter-intuitive.
Example: The progression should be like: Cretan -> Gibraltar -> North Sea -> Maltese Skirmish -> Maltese Defense War -> etc.. not North Sea -> Maltese Skirmish ->(Farm TPC/ Money to buy from other players what you need which  has nothing to do with Sea Battle)-> etc...

Randomness just in this cases just make some need to grind more than others. Not fun. The better policy in my opinion is you work -> you get rewarded not a chance to be rewarded.

On the refining changes its a matter of opinion i get it.

Posted on 2014-03-07 18:54:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

While map making is random, its risk vs reward. 100% chance to get a level 5 map doesn't mean 100% chance to get a good treasure. Its a roll of a dice - the game is built on a dice roll and it will never change.

The refining system is fine, they just made is so much easier by adding all but perfect refines to TPC rewards.
And 50% success rate? That's far to high.. everyone could be maxed within 1 month.

If anything malta needs its drop rate increased. Explosive, holy stones, cannons, flags and an extremely low chance of a sidonia drop or 7 sea shield.
NS is more silver farming, while malta is questing.

I don't really care however, both instances are now useless to me except for the malta daily quest for vigor points.

Your guild must suck. My guild helps eachother regardless without any sort of reward.

Coral is arguably the most common and cheapest material from fishing passports, which is IM only.. but there is more than enough to supply its demand, that's why its usually like 20,000 silver each.

Just no. The European version of the game had a sub model, and it failed drastically. But also for the amount of cash I have spent, to then need a subscription ON TOP of my Item mall expenditures is ridiculous.

7 point anyway.

The international version of the game is a hand me down of the super-successful Chinese version. Almost every suggestion suggested IGG suggests it straight to the suggestion trash can.      
VCO is a marmite video game. You either hate it or you love it(in some veteran cases - both)

Considering you are a Warcrafter I can completely understand why you would want such changes, but its just not how things go down around these parts.

Pay to win, or forever a midcard lol.

Posted on 2014-03-07 19:42:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

The subscription was not required to play the game. Just would be something you wanted to pay you would get like a Box of goodies every month and on top of that Live Support.

Original posted by JAYFITZY at 2014-3-7 18:54 The international version of the game is a hand me down of the super-successful Chinese version. Almost every suggestion suggested IGG suggests it straight to the suggestion trash can.      
VCO is a marmite video game. You either hate it or you love it(in some veteran cases - both)

That settles it. But yeah, just take my suggestions as how i would like the game to be.

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Posted on 2014-03-10 07:22:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Something tells me we won`t have you around here very long....

Posted on 2014-03-10 10:11:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting .
Voyage is a story of mystery.No one will know whether he will reach the land.What will them do?forward

Dont forget the spirit of the period .

Posted on 2014-03-10 11:40:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Still here. Just taking it slow.

Dont you like to have new players in the game?

Posted on 2014-03-12 08:14:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Of course we like to have players, welcome, there's just a few people who seem to enjoy shooting down any new suggestions.
I assume this is because they were once fresh faced and full of suggestions many years ago, but nothing was ever done for them, so why should it be done for anyone else?

In terms of your sea battle instances you should have everything you need.
-The exploration systems for overlord certificate and blaze stones gained from points on top of your daily farming.
-The new player storyline should have given you over 2k merchant alliance contribution - did you get the apparatus for 10 ship dodge with it?
-I don't see what refines you need for sea equipment that you cant get from low level instances. North sea can get your FH to +400 cannons and get you a full set of level 10s. Gibraltar drops the jewel/suit/hat refines for accuracy, dodge and crit. Purple retrofits are available from NPC and some high sea pirates, even orange ones now if you catch the higher level pirates.
-Maybe you've got an abundance of basic stones from daily quests but you shouldnt need drilled sockets to do malta 2. We didnt have the superior stones from TPC before and you only got ordinary ones in the instance, but it was manageable without. If anything, the TPC option is a bonus to you now.

The only thing that isnt accessible without already doing malta 2 is getting the superior suit and hat (unless you just buy it, which isnt always nice).
Maybe it would be nice if the (old) and (ordinary) ones were earned with low level malta badges instead of high level ones.

I don't see a problem with having a free fishing place with terrible drop rates like HI version of mining/timber passes for those who dont wish to buy their pearls and corals. (Especially black pearls at the moment).

Randomness is here to stay, it's probably what makes the game last so long.

Posted on 2014-03-12 18:21:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

"The new player storyline should have given you over 2k merchant alliance contribution - did you get the apparatus for 10 ship dodge with it?"

Only got 350 +/-. But i did the storyline in the new patch. Maybe they changed it.

But yeah the other things I understand and I find new ways of getting what I need now and then by asking or exploring. I guess over all that makes the game better. The problem is that it is not so intuitive to find how to improve, but as I play I'm learning more and more every day.

About the randomness yeah I get it. It's a matter of opinions and I'm starting to like/understand it

I guess the worst thing i find about this game is that there are things i will never get because I can't spend so much money on the Item Mall while on Wow if i really commit I could end up getting almost everything