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[Discussion] Game Suggestion

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Posted on 2014-02-26 08:44:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

I see these colonies all over the map and that is great I think, well maybe not great because all the time someone comes into my server and says that they have multiple colonies on all the servers for sale.... which I do not think is fair to everyone else but that is not the reason for this suggestion.

What I suggest is player ports.

Now what this is, is a piece of land along a coast line. The player can bring his ship up to the land and if no player port has been created there, the player could build his own port. Now here is where it gets interesting.

Once a player creates a port of his own, he will have to get wood, ore, seeds, and other things to build up his port. He can build a blacksmith, market, bank, potion shop, clothing store, church, shipyard, and even houses for non player people to move into. The possibilities for building types are endless. It would take time and resources to build each building (the larger the building, the longer it takes) Each building could be upgraded as time goes by. So you start with a 10x10 building and when you need to expand, upgrade it to 20x20, 30x30 etc., etc. The larger the building, the more items can be carried in there.

So, take for instance the blacksmith shop. For the first level it would carry 1 of each weapon and the blacksmith could fix low level weapons. When the upgrade is complete, the shop would carry more weapons and be able to fix better weapons, maybe even carry some cannons or cannon balls. But the upgrade would require the player to collect more wood, ore and other things for the upgrade.

Also, the player could store ships on his dock. Depending on the size (length) of the dock, would be the amount of ships. So the beginner dock could carry 1 ship and the next upgrade would allow 2 or more ships with more dock space added for each ship. As these ships would be docked at the player's port, they would not show up on the player's ships tab. Thus you could have more then the 5 ships allotted.

Also, you could have a scientific building where you bring wood, ore, and other things and your scientists discovery new technology for you to use. Like maybe upgrades for your ships or other things.

Also you could have a building in the player port which makes furniture. The purpose of that is so that the player shop could sell them to others. As it is a player port, the player could build his or her own house in the port. It could have screen shots for pictures, furniture to see, and maybe even a bed that the player could sleep on to heal. The player house could even have a farm plot which will allow the player to plant seeds which would never expire or rot but would take longer to grow then other farming and provide more "fruit" per plant harvest.

There could also be a stable, where the player could store his/her pets which are not being used at the time.

As this is a player port, it could not be sieged by anyone else, could provide a player income, and allow others to trade their wares between players using the shops. Also the player would not have to be in a guild to own one. Depending on how much the player puts into the port he or she owns, is the size, productivity, income and prosperity it gives.

It would pretty much be for only that player to use but would allow others to trade with the owner even if he or she is not online. There could even be an auction house the player has to build which would link up to every other player's ports and create an auction house system that could allow buying and selling across the seas (but not things like trade goods) I am saying like furniture, weapons, potions and things made inside the player port.

Then comes the title system. Unlike the current system where a player can buy his or her title from some king, the player's port would be connected to the kingdom and as the players port building level up and the kingdom he or she belongs to sees it, the king would grant new titles based on the player's port. So if a player doesn't concentrate on his or her port and the port starts to decay or have problems, it would be possible for the kingdom to lower the player's title.

This is very extensive in reading I know, but it is an idea which could be cultivated and made possible if players were constructive in their replies instead of just trolling the post and saying this is a stupid idea as I have seen in many other topic replies that deal with suggestions.

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Unfortunately what you are suggesting is a whole new game.

This version of the game is already predetermined

The game it self, is made by snail games and then a license is bought and the game run by other companies. (There are at least 4 current versions)

The oldest and still running version of this game is the Chinese version.   They are about 2 or 3 years ahead of us in updates.
So, If you want to know how the game will change, go to their website and look at some of the pictures..... getting into the game is a bit harder..( I  do not read or speak chinese so can not begin to tell you how to attempt to get into their game)

The only thing different between the versions is.. IGG figures out ways to "tweak" the game so that we have to spend more money in the item mall... like removing in game SOV and certain NPC that give stuff ... IGG just figures they can just sell instead.

Also we know they are trying to keep the program space to a certain level... they are deleting old quests and npc's in recent updates....

But please don't be discouraged....  go to school and learn to be a game programmer...
then invent that game yourself.....  let us know when it opens  because we will be happy to play!!

- Ele

Posted on 2014-02-26 09:31:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

i love it when they are still so innocent and uncorrupted by igg...
i think youre playing the wrong game :)
try out Travian :D or age of empires online :p

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