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[Discussion] New Patch and What You Need to Know - Read this before Posting About the Patch

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Posted on 2014-02-13 11:42:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are quite a few people having problems with the patch
there are even more people with questions about function and content

We have already created several threads for the larger main topics of the patch, please use the existing threads unless your topic isnt covered by them.
We only have 1 main forum section now, so if every person that has a download problem creates a new thread we will be flooded and the other topics will get pushed down. This is also why we have been merging new topics for help into the existing threads.

To help with the common topics here is a short FAQ and some tips (tips are in post 2)

Where do I download the new patch?
There are a couple choices, i suggest either full client or use a torrent program. see tips below...

For download and installation problems
General Help from players -
Severe help you need game support -

Found a bug or problem ingame and want to report it
Forum report thread -
Links for game support -

Whats new in the patch?
Player made changelog thread -
IGG Patch Website -
**Other links below

I head something about a pack of free items for players?
Return to the High Seas -

How do I get the Free 140 Gear from the storyline?
The Knight's Vigil Guide (Level 140)-

Other Threads with Patch Information You Might Want
What do Maps Give Now? - Info Collection -
What drops in Boxes now? (Imp Boxes etc) - Need Info -
Wheres the Golden Tower? -
Investigator's Treasure -
High Sea Bosses Map? -
New Rank System -


*Yes this thread is locked, its just here to refer u to the threads above, not for new posts

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Download Tips
The download page -

The installation file is quite large, almost 2GB
You can download directly using your browser or use a download managing program. This is one reason that I use firefox myself, it has a simple built in download manager that allows me to pause and resume downloads.
You can also use a download managing program, there is a link to one on the download page, I have also used in the past Bittorrent for download managing as well as Download Accelerator Plus. Both programs are free and available from the downloads section on the cnet website (

There is also a link for a bittorrent version of the download, this is another good option. However the speed of the download might be higher or lower than that of the direct download since torrent speed is based on the number of people hosting the file. For torrents as i said above I have used Bittorrent before and it seemed to run alright.

Installation Tips
Once you have the client file, what do you do?
Some people can get away with the auto update or installing the client right over the existing copy. But as we have seen that isnt working for some people.

So should you find yourself in a pickle with the client here are a few things to try

  • Check your firewall settings, its a new program version so permission might be messed up now.
  • Scan your computer for viruses, malware, spyware, etc.. you just never know
  • Sometimes antivirus, firewall, spyware programs can mess with installation of programs. after you have done a scan of your computer and the installation file try shutting these down to instal the game.
    If you dont trust running you computer with them off, just disconnect the internet for the duration of the installation.
  • Adjust the compatibility settings in windows for the program
  • Start the program as administrator
  • Sometimes a reboot helps
  • Do a thorough clean install
    • Uninstall the game
    • Delete the VCO folder in the program files folder
    • Run a system cleaning program like CCleaner to get the system and registry files the uninstall didnt get
    • Might want to reboot, rebooting can solve some stuff
    • Install a fresh copy of the game
    • see the other tips above

CCleaner and other utility software can be found in the cnet website download section (

If none of this works, there is the installation help thread -
And some stuff you just have to get help from support, there is only so much we can do.

***If you have any other tips to add in here, post them in the installation help thread

Hope all this helps
Good luck and have fun f37

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just incase i decide to add another section... contemplating it