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[Discussion] tesoros / Treasures

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ahora una duda mas mm con el event conbat telentransponder o algo asi es el que esta en londres portugal  etc. el cada cuando te transporta a eventos de lucha


now doubt more mm with conbat telentransponder event or something so that this is in portugal london etc. each when you into wrestling events

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I think he meant to reply to the other thread...
not sure if that's a question or just an affirmation that the hunting event is an event because there are hunting event NPC's in different cities.

Please READ the guide!!!

Hunting Event & Evidence of Hunt (EOH) Guide - 2012

NPC LocationCoordinates
Athens Port(-3, -38)
Lisbon Port(4, -3)
London Port(-63, -87)
Dakar Dock(33, 76)
Cape Town Dock(-8, 73)
Aden Port(-27, 101)
Bombay Port(32, 76)
Semarang Port(-15, -113)
Zhigu Port(-41, 225)
Tortue City(-186, 5)

- Ele

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