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[Discussion] New Version Links

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Original posted by DSOFA at 15/1/2014 15:07
I like how they write a whole bunch of text without giving away any useful information.

:50rab makes it more interesting tho...

Hurricane Island MYSTERY!


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(4) Card Draw

    Every time a player defeats the final Boss, he or she may open the Treasure Chest .

    1. 24 Chests altogether, with a maximum of 20 chances of opening.

    2. White Chests may be opened 3 times, after which opening requires coins.

    3. Opening Gold Chests requires a number of SOVs.

*The above content is intended solely to help players in understanding the game and is not indicative of actual in-game content.

2 thoughts come to mind
A. woot more SOVs needed.....
B. the disclaimer is saying, hey we are providing u info which might not be correct and we know it
if they are going to put out info, why not wait til they know its accurate. at this point i would hope they know what is going to be in the final release.

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it's easier to copy and paste already made info then stick a final version may vary to above content on it. plus we all know they like to tweak things if they can to suit their needs :P.  prepare for the future so stalls get wakey prices on items that may or may not be valued more on the update  haha