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[Discussion] Test Server is available(Jan 7th)

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Posted on 2014-01-11 05:03:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

Where can i download this test server stuff?

Posted on 2014-01-20 02:26:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by LUIJO at 2014-1-7 11:23
Note; in pst #21 funofking says
Reply 9# LUIJO's post                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The ghost ship is bug,
but the rest u post is not the bug ,the puppet captain quest need u to get the quest ...

about the pellets i got an answer from LS saying that wil not protecting anymore from dropping items, will be only for extra xp

Posted on 2014-01-21 18:14:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by xBlubberx at 7-1-2014 18:30

Dude if they patch tommorow the game and there are a lot of bugs u will come on forums and complain that they didn't fixed the game. So just wait and let them do their job even if it will take a yea ...

none wants to wait attleast  another 2 months or 2 the end patch will come again with some bugs like they will need to upload smalled patches to fix them.instead ppls to wait year they could just upload some part of it while they work on another part. i bet the work on the ships is done long time ago,prolly on tpc system too.they could just make there ajjustment and upload them so we get part of this patch before we go grab some riffles and shot ourselfs or to quit the game and find another one.:L almost any game upload patches attleast 1 time per month not 1 time for 2-3 years and there "pay to play" part as items,weapons,charms and so cost less.

and attleast what I G G can do is to put some official date for this patch.half or 1 or 2 years waiting ppls deserve to know some day or attleast some month and year when this patch will come.VCO forum is full of false information based on nothing from players up to moderators in the forums,no information from Life Support and so--and all of this comes becouse I G G dont say anythink.I cannot understand why do u hide release date of this patch-watching ppls how longer will wait u before they change the games,hiding the information cuz someone may steal ur glory and release patch in another game the day before or u dont say cuz u dont know?

and 1 more there anyone at all reading this forum who has any information from there so called supperiors?

Posted on 2014-01-22 03:01:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

first of all i see almost everyone complain about when the patch will come, only 1-2 are really bored cause they are maxed so nothing to do. 99% of you that complains i like to ask if you are foul inq. i know will be easyer for all to become foul inq after the patch but even now there is a lot work to do. so stop complaining and do it. also about the date release funofking said in the forum that most likely will be on February. i really dont mind waiting more if there is to get a "clear" patch with no problems.