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I belive the New patch will come at the Chinese new year on 31 of january what you say guys?

Because Chinese new year happens during a Week long holiday when almost no one works...
(you can bet all game support will be shut down again)
I seriously doubt any patch, would happen during the week of Jan 30 - Feb 5.

I doubt even a a emergency server reset would be done during that time (if it was needed).

Please note these days are a Thursday through Wednesday.... so you KNOW they will work the prior weekend so they can get an additional 2 days off  and maybe even the weekend after so they can have 4 additional days off so that they have an extra long long holiday.

- Ele

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most likely it will be after that, exactly cause of the vacations,

either way slowly things come in the official site ... ounding_System.html ... _the_equipment.html

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Did any one of you actually tried entering it with 5 noto?

While on the topic of mysterious stuff, I have found few interesting maps in game files. I do not recognize them.

Also I found few interesting names in game files like "Barcelona  Secret  Cave", "Moonlight  Guest  Scene", "Test  Scene",  "Rage  castle"...


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