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[Discussion] New Patch

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Posted on 2013-12-03 14:58:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

And when comes the new patch, saying for 5 months to come soon ?
Come insert it more, the game has become much more boring !

Posted on 2013-12-03 15:03:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

for whatever reason they dont want to reveal details
we have been asking for months, if they were going to say anything they would have by now

Posted on 2013-12-03 16:28:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm assuming they are preparing it as special gift for Christmas.


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Posted on 2013-12-03 19:10:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

it supose to be now, (parker said  in 2 months the ending of 2months  supose to be now).... but i seen funofking still put test server on so mean we have to wait more! who have know IGG before, know this is nothinhg new, IGG is full sh1t and they know it!f18

Posted on 2013-12-03 19:19:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

It's actually quite a good tactic, lol.
If they say that they will release a patch, but don't give you any complete information, then the players will stay to figure that out.

If they just leaked all the info, a lot of people could get disappointed and quit, lol.

Posted on 2013-12-04 01:42:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just visited test server...drop is considerably reduced, and drifters no more gives you Future fighter charm...seems like its going to be like empty patch again f37

Posted on 2013-12-04 02:27:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

u made me curious so i went to test server  and after about 10 drifters i got a male future fighter charm.

Posted on 2013-12-04 03:52:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Patch? What patch? This current situation in the game is equal to the current crisis in real life; the new reality!

We don't get a patch; all they give us is opportunities to empty your wallet ;-)

/f51 f30 f93

Posted on 2013-12-04 04:29:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

And they want to players test this i can do it with new char? Getting him for a weeks to get a 150 lvl and test new ini's? or create army of noobie chars and getting mats for 145+ stuff? ...all this absurd !!!!
Put main chars to test server and you get tested f58

Posted on 2013-12-04 09:34:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

MID Summer: Big spenders, VIP3 people complain in the VIP LS about the end-game state and that there is no more progress they can achieve in this patch, they say that they will stop playing the game.
Around ONE WEEK later: IGG Announces the test server. Everyone gets crazy about it. Old players coming back, people playing twice they usually do.
Around ONE MONTH later: The test server still isn't stable.. It's put offline 6 days a week.
Around SIX MONTHS later: People are still waiting for the next patch, and not a single official statement is done.

It will probably won't be later than late december or january, but what IGG did here for six months is they milked people like cows.

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