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[Discussion] Rescue slaves

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Don I am trying to figure out what slave quest you have.

**edit**   see next post

if you post a screen shot of your voyage log open to the quest (with text showing on the right side of the voyage log)  it helps us a lot.

Press your print screen button on keyboard > open paint > paste (ctrl+V) the picture and save it to hard drive.

use the upload an image button picture icon on the forum text editor furthest right to put the picture in the post.

- Ele

Posted on 2017-04-15 12:34:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

EDIT:  Funofking admitted in another thread that snail had given us a patch recently.  The patch has messed up the Euro Ares event, but I have a feeling it activated this NPC (Spanish Military Officer) as well.
Patch is mentioned in this thread; Euro Ares Event not being held, again  4/16/2017


Just Realized you said a quest from the Spanish military officer...
I am trying to look that up in a guide but can not find it...
I took the task with a new character...
but it does not tell you exactly where to go.  (More Below)


Event Two: The Slaves Event

**Note the Earliest record we still have of slaves event running is; January 12, 2013
the last time Slaves Event was held was January 28th to 23:59 February 10th EST(GMT-5) 2014

3 new NPCs will be added to Dakar Dock, Seville Port and Tortue Port; namely, the “Slave Trader”, “Spain Military Officer” and “Slave Owner”.

When the event starts, pirate nationalitys can head to Dakar Dock to accept the event quest, “Slave Trading”; they will be given 10 “Slave” (50 weight each).

non-pirate nationalitys will need to head to so Seville instead to accept the event quest, “Rescue The Slaves” (pirate nationalitys cannot accept this quest).

You cannot change your nationality during the event.

Pirates will need to transport the Slaves to Tortue Port;, and look for the "Slavemaster";

non-pirate nationalitys will need to head out to the Open Sea to look for Slave Boats.

Upon accepting the respective quests, all players will gain a buff effect which negates PK penalty. Successfully destroying Slave Boats will yield the Slaves within (100% drop rate). non-pirate nationalitys can hand in these Slaves at Seville port to complete their quests.


so it seems this event npc is still activated.

you may be able to complete the quest when you do #81-83 of the beginner quest line...
you would just have to kill 2 ships (5 slaves "drop" as floaters on the ocean) so pick up the "ship debris after the battle... and you will have slaves.

**caution** having the slaves on your ship means you are open to attack from NPC ships as well as other players.

Also, to get the West Africa Pirate Ship to spawn off Dakar ( at least in beginner quest line) you need 1 trade good (1 of anything the trader sells) in your ship.  And you kind of have to "pace back and forth" to get them to spawn off Dakar in the high sea.  I do not know if you need to take/be on the quest #83 for them to spawn or not.
Additionally I seriously can not remember if slaves drop from the Dakar West African Pirates or not because this is where/when you pick up the eastern chart on the ocean...

The West African Pirate Ships you kill before that (in the beginner quest line #81) are some how auto spawned at Las Palmas high seas... accepting that particular quest may be needed to spawn them.

Beginner Quest Line; Link to Quests 75 thru 99

I suppose if the npc lets you accept the task multiple times you could "farm" original magnetic ore (which is compounded into magnetic ore and used for jewelry, weapon an uniform upgrades) - just do not "turn in the Luanda task" ie do not go back to docker in Luanda.

Plus ill have to test if the ships will spawn with a trade good.


- Ele

edit 1
Took the quest in Seville,
tried with my main character and a level 3 trade good.
Nothing happened and even with no sea mermaid I couldn't get pirates to attack me... possibly my main is to high level... I will try with one of my alts.

edit 2
Took the quest in Seville,
level 140 alt and lvl 10 ship w/ lvl 5 goods - still no one attacks though i got attacked sailing back to Seville.

edit 3
purposely did not take the quest in Seville
level 121 character, lvl 10 ship level, level 1 goods; still not getting attacked by regular pirates in Dakar or Las Palmas....  got attacked only after I sailed north of Las Palmas (by regular pirates)... No West African Pirates attacked.

edit 4
Took the quest with same lvl 121 Alt, still lvl 1 good (sry purchasing is only lvl 2).  I did not get attacked by even regular pirates in Dakar or Las Palmas.  No ship auxiliaries at all were equipped.


This quest can not be completed unless you are doing #81 or possibly #83 of the Beginner quest line.
And even that is a guess at this point because i am not going to start a new character just to test this.

I have no idea why the NPC is activated. (see edit at top of page)

- Ele