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[Discussion] The Silk routh to riches 2

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I need HELP f75  I finish silk routh1 and got nohing and now this Rassell guy is sending me to deliver cllasy silk to some aristocrats but dasnt say  where? is it bug or what?

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I'm sorry to bother you again. I did that quest following that guide. In Quanzhu I talk to that guy and pay him 100000,at that moment in my quest log stated: completed.I took silk to Rassell and got nothing no silver.But he offers me "silk rout 2" to take that NICE silk to some aristocrats but hasn't say where and for reward I should got that 1M in silver, 8M eloquence EXP and 1 rare gold. No where in forum I cant find quest "The Silk rout to riches 2" Maybe I'm doing something wrong, sorry.

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When you speak to Kabulari, you have to speak to him again and complete the quest just to recieve the 20 silk, you then take it to russel in lisbon and recieve the 1m silver.

Make sure your ship has 20 Nice Silk in its storage, and take a printscreen of your quest log for it, so we know where about you are in completing this

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My bad !!!  Sorry, I went once more talk again to that guy and got silk. Now is all good. By the way what can I do with "treasure from the haven" without event key, because I'm not paying for that shi..
                                          Thank's for yours help

Posted on 2013-01-12 21:50:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

you can sell the treasures from heaven to other players..
though the rewards are not all that great so I'm not sure what the demand would be like.

read this post for what you get from the treasures from heaven:

- Ele

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Best thing you can do with threasures from the heaven is give them to an NPC, 500 = 2.5mil silver.

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