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[Discussion] How To Contact IGG Support

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Updated 12/16/14
For those that might not know how to contact IGG support

IGG Main Service site
You will have to log in using your IGG account info

If you have problems:

  • try different accounts and different characters.
  • Be sure you are logged out of your account ... by logging out in the service center then re-logging.
  • Also when you log in... you need to click the "submit issue" button before you see anything
  • and be wary because when you log into the service site it logs you out of VCO forums and logs on (in VCO forums ) what ever character you are using to contact support with ... so don't have any threads open in the process of being written or edited in the VCO forum or possibly other forums.

I tried a test ticket on my main... it did not keep the server selection the first time I selected it did not find my accounts info until I re-selected my server (lag maybe?).

and no the service center wont do anything unless you select a server:

VCO In game GM Character
read the following on how to contact him:
Live Support replacement for event & IM services

Try the complaint email address

I also found this address on another page maybe it was a typo? but try

or the 2 star and 3 star bound account link

VCO GM Email Address
(Doubtful they will answer but you can try)

when I try to access the individual VIP support pages for other IGG games they all link to the same address which is:

so maybe try that address.


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Post in the General Discussion section;

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Updated 8/15/2014  by  - Ele

Hiding old direct link to old support email form

read the following on how to contact him:
Live Support replacement for event & IM services

Live Support Chat - Not Available for Game issues , payment issues only
The link is still working but Voyage Century help has been removed from this site - Ele 8/1/14

VCO GM Email Address
(Doubtful they will answer but you can try)
VCO support Service (submit a email "form")

and hiding the old live support link as it is gone now too.. 8/2014
[hide=50000]IGG VIP Live Support Chat
VIP live support valid duration:
Sunday: 9:00pm-12:00 midnight GMT-4
Monday to Thursday: 1:00am-6am and 9:00pm-12:00 midnight GMT-4

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?m015 ?m015 Thanks for your nice work.

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f68 Thank you.

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Goodbye Live Support
May 30, 2013

We are very sorry to announce that our renowned Live Support service will be closed temporarily from June 3rd GMT-4. After that, if you have any questions, please submit them to our Service Center or Forum, and we will be  sure to help you out as soon as possible. We have streamlined our Service Center functions and now it's easier  than ever for you to submit questions, problems, or anything else. In addition, you can also ask for help by  sending email to . Thanks for your understanding and continued support! Enjoy and have fun!

Note: The close of Live Support will not affect the game operation and players can submit their problems and  advice through the forum and Service Center. VIP's Live Support is still available for VIP Players.

The VCO Team

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Updated thread with GM email address, GM ingame name, etc

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updated again now that we no longer have a service section in our forums..

- Ele

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What happened to all the posts in the service centre?

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They were merged into the general chat section.

- Ele