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[Discussion] In Game Font Fix for characters with Chinese characters in their name

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I know... we are not suppose to change our files... but this may make it so people can PM you in game again
so I am going to let it stand ... until IGG gets off their @$$ and fixes the problem!
Please post your results so I can be sure it works!

Every player must do this including non affected account (names)...
Even if person with the character in their name changes the file, a person who hasn't will still see the Chinese character and not be able to PM them.

- Ele


You can try this.

Open the following file with notepad:[code]D:/Voyage Century Online/voyage/Core.ini[/code]Go to the line 89 ( not always line 89). You will see this:


Change it to:

codepage= (insert the correct number from tables below in post #3)


In short, just the delete the number 936 and leave it blank or insert the correct number from the tables below. This way the game wont use 936 encoding anymore, you will lose support for east Asian characters like simplified Chinese. Its not necessary anyways, no one talks Chinese in game...

Solution thanks to DSOFA

Windows 7 instructions... step by step

From experience in windows 7 you will probably have to set your user account controls...

1) If the file will not save you may have to set your user account controls
to do this in Windows 7 :

easiest way is probably to just type "User Account" in the start menu:
(but get there how you want to)

2) then move slider bar to "never notify" and click "ok"

3) NOW RE-BOOT your computer

4) Open word Pad and find the file:
first set word pad to show "All files"

5) Then select the file named "core"
I do hate win 7 that it doesn't show all file extensions...  so choose the one I circled.

6) go to the bottom of the file....
in windows 7 it is the 3rd line from the bottom

7) Change the number to the one you want or leave blank

8) SAVE the file

9) Close word pad.... and re-open file to check that it was saved.

10) If file was successfully saved CHANGE USER ACCOUNT CONTROLS back to " Always Notify"

11) Re-Boot Computer

12) play game

- Ele

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Posted on 2012-09-13 01:05:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a special sign in my char name due to space (alt+255) between surname and christian name made long ago. After last patch I had a kinda chinese sign between Rakal and Woolver. I changed the codepage to 1250. Now I can receive PM again.

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Posted on 2012-09-13 02:26:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

found this:

so looking at your version of windows if it is eastern/central European you may want to use code 1250 but if you have a French version you may want to use 1252
American English / English and western European versions of windows use 1252... just read below.
so of course the Chinese would never figure this out... because the code 936 is for simplified Chinese versions of windows.
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Afrikaans
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Alsatian
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Basque
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Bislama
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Breton
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Catalan
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Chamorro
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Danish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Dutch
Codepage 1252 Latin 1English
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Faroese
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Finnish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Flemish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Franco-Provencal
Codepage 1252 Latin 1French
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Frisian
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Friulian
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Galician
Codepage 1252 Latin 1German
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Greenlandic
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Icelandic
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Indonesian
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Irish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Italian
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Ladin
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Latin
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Luxembourgish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Malay
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Manx Gaelic
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Norwegian (Bokmål)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Occitan
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Portuguese
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Rhaeto-Romance
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Romansh
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Sami (Inari)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Sami (Lule)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Sami (Northern)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Sami (Skolt)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Sami (Southern)
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Scottish Gaelic
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Spanish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Swahili
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Swedish
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Tagalog
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Walloon
Codepage 1252 Latin 1Welsh
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeAlbanian
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeBosnian (Latin)
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeCroatian
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeCzech
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeHungarian
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropePolish
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeRomanian
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeSlovak
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeSlovenian
Codepage 1250 Latin 2 Eastern EuropeSorbian
Codepage 1253 GreekGreek
Codepage 1251 CyrillicAzeri (Cyrillic)
Codepage 1251 CyrillicBelarusian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicBosnian (Cyrillic)
Codepage 1251 CyrillicBulgarian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicMacedonian (FYROM)
Codepage 1251 CyrillicKazakh
Codepage 1251 CyrillicKyrgyz
Codepage 1251 CyrillicMoldovian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicMongolian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicRussian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicSerbian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicTatar
Codepage 1251 CyrillicUkrainian
Codepage 1251 CyrillicUzbek (Cyrillic)
Codepage 1254 TurkishAzeri (Latin)
Codepage 1254 TurkishKurdish (Latin)
Codepage 1254 TurkishTurkish
Codepage 1254 TurkishUzbek (Latin)
Codepage 1257 BalticEstonian
Codepage 1257 BalticLatvian
Codepage 1257 BalticLithuanian
Arabic (ISO)ISO-8859-61256
Arabic (Windows)Windows-12561256
Baltic (ISO)ISO-8859-41257
Baltic (Windows)Windows-12571257
Central European (ISO)ISO-8859-21250
Central European (Windows)Windows-12501250
Chinese Simplified (GB2312)GB2312936
Chinese Simplified (HZ)HZ-GB-2312936
Chinese Traditional (Big5)Big5950
Cyrillic (ISO)ISO-8859-51251
Cyrillic (Windows)Windows-12511251
Greek (ISO)ISO-8859-71253
Greek (Windows)Windows-12531253
Hebrew (ISO-Logical)ISO-8859-8-I1255
Hebrew (Windows)Windows-12551255
Japanese (EUC)EUC-JP932
Japanese (JIS)ISO-2022-JP932
Japanese (Shift-JIS)ISO-2022-JP932
Korean (EUC)EUC-KR949
Latin 3 (ISO)ISO-8859-31252
Latin 9 (ISO)ISO-8859-151252
Thai (Windows)Windows-874874
Turkish (ISO)ISO-8859-91254
Turkish (Windows)Windows-12541254
Vietnamese (Windows)Windows-12581258
Western European (ISO)ISO-8859-11252
Western European (Windows)Windows-12521252


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Original posted by xanthian31 at 13-9-2012 12:03 AM
...Solution thanks to DSOFA...

UR DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Chinese keep naming me some really funny stuff --to them..

like crooked carrot ...

Posted on 2012-09-13 16:24:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

u cheese head!!!!

cant remember what it is the lion says, but i remember seeing that for the first time and thinking ..... what?

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Posted on 2012-09-13 18:35:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

1250 works as Rakal is the one who told me what to change my font ini too cause I could not speak with my good friend Rakal :15rab ingame...:16rab

Posted on 2012-09-13 21:56:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

not sure why 1250 works for an American... but as 1250 and 1252 are most common numbers they are probably nearly the same thing.... either way you are taking away the Chinese characters   yea!

would be interesting to have you try all 3 options... and see if it act any different...

I am still not sure if EVERYONE (well both parties trying to pm) needs to do this in order to be able to pm a person with a space in their name... or only the person with the bugged name needs to do this...

I have not seen anyone with a bugged name in 24 hrs to be able to test this.

- Ele

Posted on 2012-09-27 21:58:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Original posted by seleniummc at 13-9-2012 19:06

UR DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, actually this wasn't my idea. It was posted by storagehouse a while ago in some other thread. It was removed few hours after he posted it. It was obviously forbidden because it involved messing with the game files.

Later another user had some serious trouble with his game, he couldn't run it. He made a thread and posted his log files After reading his log files, I came to a conclusion that this character encoding is causing him troubles. I posted this solution to him although it was against the rules and, luckily, it worked perfectly.

Ele picked this up from that thread and gave me the credits for it.
I just wanted to say I'm not the first one who posted this solution, the credits should go to user storagehouse, or whatever his real name is...


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I just deleted these 2 rows in file and it working perfectly for me till this time (tested in chat and names).