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[Announcements] Happy New Year! And announciung upcomming holidays

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Posted on 2021-12-26 15:59:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just a reminder the holiday season is still affecting us all...

I can not say how it will work in other countries but;
Because Christmas eve fell on Friday and Christmas day fell on Saturday many will have Monday December 27, off of work (For Christmas Day Holiday).
Friday December 31 or Monday January 3rd will be a day off for a lot of people.
(as the actual holiday of  New year's day; Jan 1 falls on a Saturday)

Even some of us who would have to work that Friday may be doing a work around....
my crew voted to work this Monday (which should have been off for Christmas Day) so that we would not have to come in Friday.
(So we/I will have two, 3 day weekends)

Then in the US there is Martin Luther King Day Monday January 17, 2022
This is generally a day of service... ie get off work to go volunteer somewhere... but some companies just give the day off work ( about 42% have it off according to Google search).
[My current company we get the day off, my 2 companies prior we got a paid day if we volunteered somewhere, my companies before that did not give the day off... but that may be in part to the holiday still "catching on" as it is the newest USA Holiday.

And then because of who runs this game we may be affected by
Chinese New Year / Spring Festival GOLDEN WEEK

Chinese New Year 2022 will fall on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022. The Chinese New Year animal sign will be the Tiger. As a public holiday,

Chinese people will get 7 days off from work from January 31 – February 6 in 2022.

I will post another reminder  in a couple weeks about Chinese new year since it WILL affect Support and Maintenance.

- Ele


Future Chinese Holidays that will also effect Support and or Maintenance in 2022:

Date           Name                                                              Type

Jan 1      Saturday New Year's Day                                        National holiday
Jan 2      Sunday New Year's Holiday                                      National holiday
Jan 3      Monday New Year's Holiday                                      National holiday

Jan 29    Saturday Special Working Day                                  Working day on weekend
Jan 30    Sunday Special Working Day                                    Working day on weekend

Jan 31     Monday Spring Festival Eve                                      National holiday
Feb 1      Tuesday Chinese New Year                                       National holiday
Feb 2      Wednesday Spring Festival Golden Week holiday        National holiday
Feb 3      Thursday Spring Festival Golden Week holiday           National holiday
Feb 4      Friday Spring Festival Golden Week holiday                National holiday
Feb 5      Saturday Spring Festival Golden Week holiday            National holiday
Feb 6      Sunday Spring Festival Golden Week holiday              National holiday

Feb 15    Tuesday Lantern Festival                                         Observance
Mar 4      Friday Zhonghe Festival                                           Observance
Mar 8      Tuesday International Women's Day                         Half day holiday
Mar 12     Saturday Arbor Day                                               Observance
Mar 20     Sunday March Equinox                                          Season
Apr 3      Sunday Qing Ming Jie (Tomb Sweeping) holiday         National holiday
Apr 4      Monday Qing Ming Jie holiday                                  National holiday
Apr 5      Tuesday Qing Ming Jie                                            National holiday

Apr 24     Sunday Special Working Day                                  Working day on weekend
Apr 30     Saturday Labour Day Holiday                                 National holiday
May 1      Sunday Labour Day                                               National holiday
May 2      Monday
Labour Day Holiday                                    National holiday
May 3      Tuesday Labour Day Holiday                                   National holiday
May 4      Wednesday Labour Day Holiday                              National holiday

May 4      Wednesday Youth Day                                           Half day holiday
May 7      Saturday Special Working Day                                 Working day on weekend
Jun 1      Wednesday Children's Day                                       Observance
Jun 3      Friday Dragon Boat Festival                                     National holiday
Jun 4      Saturday Dragon Boat Festival holiday                     National holiday
Jun 5      Sunday Dragon Boat Festival holiday                       National holiday

Jun 21    Tuesday June Solstice                                             Season
Jul 1       Friday CPC Founding Day                                        Observance
Jul 11     Monday Maritime Day                                              Observance
Aug 1     Monday Army Day                                                  Observance
Aug 4     Thursday Chinese Valentine's Day                            Observance
Aug 12    Friday Spirit Festival                                               Observance
Sep 10    Saturday Teachers' Day                                          Observance
Sep 10    Saturday Mid-Autumn Festival                                 National holiday
Sep 11    Sunday Mid-Autumn Festival holiday                         National holiday
Sep 12    Monday Mid-Autumn Festival holiday                         National holiday

Sep 23    Friday September Equinox                                        Season
Oct 1      Saturday National Day                                             National holiday
Oct 2      Sunday National Day Golden Week holiday                 National holiday
Oct 3      Monday National Day Golden Week holiday                 National holiday
Oct 4      Tuesday National Day Golden Week holiday                National holiday
Oct 4      Tuesday Double Ninth Festival                                   Observance
Oct 5      Wednesday National Day Golden Week holiday            National holiday
Oct 6      Thursday National Day Golden Week holiday               National holiday
Oct 7      Friday National Day Golden Week holiday                    National holiday

Oct 8      Saturday Special Working Day                                   Working day on weekend
Oct 9      Sunday Special Working Day                                     Working day on weekend

Nov 8     Tuesday Journalists' Day                                           Observance
Dec 22    Thursday December Solstice                                     Season
Dec 25    Sunday Christmas Day                                             Observance


USA Federal Holidays
(Not all days are mandatory days off - some companies will give Friday or Monday off if holiday falls on a weekend and some holidays are only observed by banks, federal and state agencies.)
And of course if you work in emergency services, a hospital, or the service industry (Hotels, restaurants, gas stations etc..) you are probably working theses holidays.

I will color the Holidays I have experienced that most everyone has off

Jan 1      Saturday New Year's Day                   Federal Holiday
Jan 17      Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day   Federal Holiday
Feb 21      Monday Presidents' Day                   Federal Holiday
May 30      Monday Memorial Day                   Federal Holiday
June 19     Sunday Juneteenth*                   Federal Holiday (only some States)
Jun 20      Monday Day off for Juneteenth   Federal Holiday (only some States)
Jul 4     Monday Independence Day           Federal Holiday
Sep 5      Monday Labor Day                           Federal Holiday

Oct 10      Monday Columbus Day                   Federal Holiday
Nov 11      Friday Veterans Day                   Federal Holiday
Nov 24      Thursday Thanksgiving Day           Federal Holiday
Dec 25      Sunday Christmas Day                   Federal Holiday
Dec 26      Monday Day off for Christmas Day   Federal Holiday

*Emancipation day