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[Announcements] [New version] 0.148 - The Death of Yamato King

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Posted on 2020-11-24 20:09:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

The Death of Yamato King

Voyage Century has been upgraded to the newest version 0.148, officially named The Death of Yamato King.


The new version includes many features, out of which most noted ones are:
 - The Death of The Japanese King land exploration system.
 - Higurashi land instance.
 - Level 175, 178, 180 and 180.1 land gear.
 - Nagasaki now features a suburb in which exploration points can be gathered.
 - Epic gear refines.
 - Player profession level cap has been increased to level 180.


The client should download and install the patch automatically.
If you're experiencing issues with the updating process, please troubleshoot the following:
 - Run the voyagecentury.exe as administrator.
 - Try different updating servers, try all 3.
 - Make sure voyagecentury.exe is added to the Windows firewall exception list.
 - Make sure FTP connections are not disabled on your network.
 - Try disabling antivirus protection.

If none of the suggestions work, try downloading the patch manually and installing it to the Voyage Century folder. Make sure to run the installer ass Administrator and try disabling UAC.

- [US] 0.141-0.148 patch download 13

If you're still having trouble installing the patch, make a new thread in the Discussion center and ask for further help, one of the staff members will try to assist you.

Additional information

Additional information about the new changes, bug reports etc. can be found on links below.

 - The Death of Yamato King - News notice at
 - [0.148] The Death of Yamato King - What's new? Report all of your findings here!
 - [0.148] The Death of Yamato King - Bug report thread


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