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[Announcements] No Customer Support link from main IGG pages

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Posted on 2020-05-13 18:23:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

SEE bottom of post for NEW additional problems on logging out of service pages!


In case you are a new player and do not have the VCO support pages bookmarked
you may have noticed IGG does not give a link to our support;

It looks like ALL support has gone to regular email address support except VCO and AnglesOL.
(Though IDK about in game help as I dont play the phone games)

VCO Support is still accessed from this page:
Click PC Game > Voyage Century
you will see a pretty much blank screen > click the tab "submit ticket"

then click to log in

*** To log off your IGG account and log into another you need to visit an IGG page such as
 click the log out at top right
then totally close out of support pages & IGG pages
and go through process again.

And the weird thing;
You have to close the IGG screen you logged off on (possibly close the whole browser)
before the IGG service site will recognize you logged off.

it may be faster/easier to clear your Cashe or use a cleaner program.

- Ele

Posted on 2020-05-14 10:23:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

1 new player will see the lag and close the game and start to play another...

2 .- if you have a problem ...wait wait wait wait... One week till i have lost my badge when i was teleported to Crete....