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[Announcements] News on Transfer, BG Season & Chinese New Year Holiday 2020 (edit 5, 1/25)

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*edit #5 (January 25, 2020)*

I know we are all looking forward to the transfer event now that the merge has ended.

but be aware that;

the 7 day long Chinese holiday will interfere with the transfer event.

I am not sure offhand, if the 2 - 7 day long holidays per year have interfered with BG in the past or not... BUT we know transfers will not take place while battleground season is active.

The transfer event usually lasts 2 weeks.... and with the Holiday so close transfer will be put off until after the Holiday.

Funofking has said transfer event will happen before new BG Season starts.
And due to the Holiday: Transfer and therefore the BG season will be delayed until after the Holiday    -  His Post HERE

**Also as a note as many of you long time players know;
Usually it is Fok who has to stay behind during the week long holiday, or at least work from home, and cover ALL the IGG games.

Then the week after He usually goes on his week long vacation....
so that MAY delay us another week IDK... and he has not told us of his work/vacation plans so all is just guessing based on past experiences.

So (by my calculations)  the Earliest The name change/ transfer event would start is Tuesday February 4th.
and they may wait a week after that - trying to get everything back in "normal" working order.

**Other warnings**

No Maintenance for 3 weeks!!!

No Maintenance January 21 or January 28.

We can only assume the next maintenance will be Tuesday February 4th!
(That is 19 days with out maintenance!!!)

Be Prepared for a LOT of Lag and other (possibly log in) issues!!


**FURTHER WARNING for the immediate future

We all know IGG goes through a HUGE personnel change every Spring Holiday...
(Traditionally in China this is when all the job fairs happen. During this time there are an extreme amount of first time workers and people looking to change positions and/or employers.)

So more than likely Support will be affected again.  ... (as the newbies start learning how to do their job).

No, huge amounts of new hires and huge personnel losses, do not make economic sense.
But, the Chinese are use to it and it is not in the forefront of their thinking as to how it would affect foreigners.


Chinese New Year / Spring Festival Holiday week happens January 24-30

China workers days off in pink
American non-federal workers days off in blue

*did you know;  New York City and the State of California have designated the Chinese New Year as public holidays!

  • International Women’s Day (March 8): All adult females have half a day off.
  • Youth Day (May 4): Youths aged 14–28 years old have half a day off.
  • Children’s Day (June 1): Children under 14 years of age have one day off.
  • Army Day (August 1): Soldiers in service have half a day off.


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