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[Announcements] How to Properly report bug use and other cheats/hacks

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Posted on 2019-08-09 15:34:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

IF YOU KEEP MAKING REPORTS (about individual players or groups) TO THE FORUM - YOU WILL GET BANNED!

Any thread that turns into a personal accusation thread will be moved to the Moderator section or Recycle bin!


DO NOT POST A FORUM THREAD about specific person or group cheating.
Do not post a link to a video (with or with out explanation) about a cheating player or players.
Do not post a screenshot(s) or link to screenshot(s) (with or with out explanation) about a cheating player or players.
We no longer have the "hide code" of the old forum!

Accusing specific people or players is a big NO NO in Chinese society... and this is a Chinese run game!
IGG does not want players to share bug use info. Posting it here just teaches the general public how to use the bugs and where it is best to use the bugs.

Send a report to
1) Support;>> PC Game >> Voyage Century
*you will have to sign in again as this is a different forum from ours.

or to
2) funofking (PM)

3) PM a mod about it.

4) DISCORD - you can let others know there in more detail and possibly vent a little. - its up to the moderator there what they allow.  HOWEVER no report will go to IGG or Fok from there.

Host your pictures or videos on other sites and link them in the PM or report to support.

Do not expect a fast response... or really any response at all.
Again because of Chinese society customs; they will NEVER tell you who has been banned or for how long.

Looking at past history; The best we can hope for is a post saying x numbers of players have been banned (with no explanation of what the ban was for and the post is often in the mod section where you can not see it.).  Or, a post saying a bug has been fixed.

There is no point is asking IGG to act differently in the reporting of bans or taking of action toward bug users and cheaters in thread posts.  The game has been run this way for over 11 years, and MANY threads have been posted on these subjects. - So please don't bother.


You CAN POST a GENERAL thread!

If it does not single out a specific person or group.

so you can report that a bug is active... and that you tried doing x, y and z and got these crazy stats or something similar.

(Posted) Screen shots must not show other players names or guilds (in chat or above the head).

You must have the other persons permission to post about them (by name), and there is no way for us to verify their consent... so do not do it!

Use general terms; say "my friend with xx db and xx attack let me hit them while I was using this bug"..
or "the player who was able to reach lvl 80 in GT" was was wearing 150 uniform when he teleported out of the tower.


**The Land & Sea battle list is not proof of cheating... there are too many buffs and too many times others were accused only to find out they were in fact NOT cheating... they just had certain builds and buffs happening.

Unfortunately "the boy who cried wolf" has happened to many times with that list. So reports with that screen will probably be ignored unless the number value is many, many times greater than what is possible.


Posted on 2019-08-09 15:34:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sample acceptable post:

Thread title; Bugged/land buffed cabins and FH may still exist.

Though the cabin bug fix has prevented any further NEW illegally buffed figureheads from being created,  I saw a post in game chat yesterday that a player still has and is using his buffed cabins.

I followed and then took screen shots of me pvp-ing that prove he was using a bug, most likely bugged cabins.
I sent a report with the specifics to support and Fok.

I wanted all players to be aware that according to game chat; IGG DID NOT delete the illegal cabins and figureheads from peoples accounts and that they are still able to use them!

---edit made later ---
Ps. I still have an illegal cabin existing on an alt so they definitely did not delete them!


-end sample-

btw this is a made up post.... I dont actually own a buffed cabin on any of my characters, so let me know if they actually do ever get deleted.  - Ele