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[Announcements] Long Chinese Holiday; Spring Festival (Golden week) Monday 2/4 - Sunday 2/10

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It is again time for Spring Festival Holiday WEEK in China.

Be prepared for no maintenance and no support service over the 7 day period.

Monday February 4th - Sunday February 10th

Also please keep in mind that this is a HUGE job hunting time of year... many job fairs are held all over China during this time.
So as you may suspect IGG usually has a huge change in personnel and Support seems to be worse than normal for the next month or two.

And, Hot Sales usually get a bit messed up during this time.. so dont be surprised if one (of the 10 base sales) gets skipped or items are lacking (maybe not during the holiday but later in the month)

FOK usually sticks around during the holidays ( but gets put in charge of ALL IGG games) and then takes his equal days off at a different time.  However he may be working from home as the offices are actually closed.


2019 - the year of the Pig

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So 48 hours before the big holiday and still no announcement from IGG...
please enjoy my "pointless" warnings.

- Ele

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Feb 5th Maintenances Cancelled

Feb 3, 2019

Dear players, the previously scheduled server maintenances for Feb 5th  has been cancelled. Thank you for your support.

LINK to announcement

- Ele