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[Announcements] Hurricane may strike us on Wednesday

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and it may bring some trouble to maintenance .I'm not sure.

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Be safe and take care . More important than anything else.

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Typhoon Maria to threaten lives and property in Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and eastern China this week
from AccuWeather

July 09, 2018, 1:47:04 PM EDT

this is so silly I can not bump a thread Fok starts... nor color the title...
so you will see me comment in this thread a few times so others see the warning.

- ele

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Stay safe. Worst thing is that your television might go down and you will miss Englands match.

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its category 5 Super typhoon.

"Require special attention pls"

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Stay safe! We hope it all turns out well. If there is any problem with the connection, power shortage, any risks or worse like a life-threatening situation, then do not worry about maintenance, that can be delayed without much problem. Safety First!

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Guyz !!

already 150 x Japaness died cuz of that typhoon.

and "Maria" going to china now

FoK wrote this seriously.

Pls Don t Joke and mock

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bump so all can see.
Today; July 10, 2018, 12:59:37 PM EDT


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How is everything Fok? Keep us posted!

Pirates have infected the seas for generations, so I vowed to eliminate them all.
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** IGG is located in Fuzhou!

Maria to drench eastern China after slamming Taiwan, Japan's Ryukyu Islands
9:19:14 AM EDT July 11, Wednesday= 14:19 BST Wednesday = 13:19 GMT

Maria will continue to threaten parts of eastern China with heavy rainfall into Thursday as the former super typhoon continues to move inland and weaken.
Maria made landfall near the city of Fuzhou on Wednesday morning as a powerful and dangerous typhoon before weakening into a tropical storm. Northern Fujian and southern Zhejiang provinces faced the brunt of Maria’s fury

Peak wind gusts of 42 m/s (94 mph) were reported along coastal communities in Fujian province.
Flooding rain and destructive winds whipped across the cities of Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Ningde. The worst of conditions passed to the south of Shanghai where there were a few gusty showers on Wednesday.
Many coastal schools and businesses were closed in Fuzhou on Wednesday and Nanchang railway reported more than 200 train cancellations due to the storm, according to Xinhua News.

Maria continues to weaken after moving onshore, reducing the risk for damaging winds; however, flooding rainfall will remain a concern into Thursday.
"Maria's excessive rainfall can lead to significant flooding," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert said. "Mudslides are a serious concern in areas of rugged terrain."
Areas as far inland such as Jiangxi, northern Hunan and Hubei can expect flooding downpours as Maria continues to track northwestward across the interior of China.
Typhoon Maria slammed Japan's southern Ryukyu Islands with heavy rain and powerful winds on Tuesday before conditions improved Tuesday night.

On Tuesday afternoon local time, Maria's eye passed directly over Japan's Miyakojima Island. The sun reportedly emerged as the eye of the cyclone passed over the island. Winds became nearly calm following 34-m/s (76-mph) gusts only minutes earlier.
A peak wind gust of 45 m/s (100 mph) was reported on Miyakojima as the eye wall of Maria passed over the island.

After lashing the Ryukyu Islands, Maria passed by the tip of northern Taiwan on Tuesday night. While the typhoon did not make landfall on the island, it passed close enough to bring significant impacts to the nation on Tuesday. Maria's winds and rainfall tapered off on Wednesday morning.
Rainfall totaled more than 400 mm (16 inches) in Beitou District, Taipei City from Tuesday into Wednesday.
Wind gusts reached 22 m/s (50 mph) in Taipei and combined with heavy rainfall to cause travel disruptions.
New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Yilan, Miaoli all declared a typhoon holiday on Wednesday, closing schools and businesses, according to the Taiwan Times.

- ele
July 11; 5.40am BST =04:40 GMT Wednesday = 00:40 Wednesday EDT

update: China’s holiday coast has been hit by strong winds
China’s coastal communities have been hit by strong winds and large waves after Typhoon Maria passed Taiwan yesterday and accelerated towards the east coast of China.
The typhoon made landfall around 480km south of Shanghai.
Maria was classed as a category 3 typhoon yesterday, but it was downgraded to a category 2 by the time it reached China’s coast.