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[Announcements] Warning of Daylight Saving Time Changes & calculating Event Times

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Posted on 2018-03-06 14:16:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Many Countries will soon be using Daylight Saving Time.

The US changes over on Sunday, March 11 at 0200 AM. (in each US time zone)
**Canada changes same day but at 0300 AM.
England Changes over Sunday, March 25 at 0100 AM (GMT)

**The 2 week difference in change over time will make it even more confusing for North Americans!!

Please Check on your own to see when your country changes times. (Just Google it)

Daylight saving time by country as of September 2017

  Blue - Northern hemisphere summer
  Orange - Southern hemisphere summer
  Dark Grey - Never used daylight saving
  Light Grey - Formerly used daylight saving


Please keep in mind that IGG usually uses GMT (standard) time for events.
They have also in the past used EST (USA Eastern Standard time)

This means Event times WILL NOT be the same time as it is in England - England will be on BST (British Summer Time) after March 25th

Remember; Spring Forward .... Fall Back...

So we who change to DST will be 1 hour ahead.


Example;  The Event is at 1300 GMT (0800 EST)

so the event is really happening at:
= 1400 England BST (British Summer Time)
= 1500 Germany CEST(Central European Summer Time)
= 1600 Romania EEST (Eastern European Summer Time)
= 0900 New York, New York USA EDT (Eastern Daylight time)
= 0800 Dallas, Texas USA CDT (Central Daylight Time)
= 0700 Denver, Colorado USA MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)
= 0600 Los Angles, California USA PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

- Ele

Posted on 2018-03-06 14:49:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

talking to the wall again..
just because.